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  1. I live in Missouri, I am aware of the Missouri recreational land use act...but I am still obviously not a lawyer and wonder if that act applies to private motocross tracks I am also wondering if I should seek one (a lawyer) ? We had a track built by a local track builder (very experienced and trustworthy amazing man) in April, he was done on a Friday and invited a buddy of his out to test the track along with him and whoever we wanted as well. On that morning a friend and the track builder as well as his friend were out riding it, when the track builders friend was jumping a series of hills, he landed incorrectly. he had his helmet on and other protective gear but still died that morning on our track. He left behind a beautiful family and lots of broken hearts, he signed a waiver before riding, never paid a dollar but lost his life out at our track. My husband has left the sport behind since that day, he did not known the 30 year old man but it still shook him in a way I have never seen. My question is what is our next step as a homeland owner ? We want to protect ourselves and I feel so guilty for even typing this, I just don't know where to turn. Should I contact our homeowners insurance ? A lawyer ? There was absolutely nothing we could have Done to prevent the accident, the track is beautiful and in tip top shap. 2 other men were on the track none near him at the time of the accident. Where should I turn next ? Maybe you can help me with the next step, are private Missouri motocross tracks consider a recreational act on our land?