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  1. Picked her up this past Friday. 04 model with 3500 miles! Little upgrade from the old DRZ!
  2. Well got them on today and I'm not going to push them for a couple hundred miles, but I'm extremely pleased by the lack of road noise-I was expecting a lot more annoying tire buzz on road. They feel good on the road so far, after work its time to see how they handle off road.
  3. Tires being installed this AM.
  4. Moose racing bag and tires getting put on this morning.
  5. I'll report back as soon as I get them mounted and put a few miles on them!
  6. Settled on shinko 700 series. Ill update as I get some miles on them.
  7. Will these fit my bone stock 2001 DRZ400s?
  8. Settled on the shinko 700 series for the front and rear. I will update you guys as I get them put on and ride a bit on them.
  9. New tires(F/R), countershaft sprocket, rear sprocket, brake pads(F/R), chain, and a rear fender bag.
  10. Haha thanks for answering my question guys! Bout to make a $412 order.
  11. Has anyone ever ordered from PROCYCLE? I've never done business with them and wanted to know if anyone had any experience with this company before I spend $400.
  12. WestVirginia

    I live in Ashland and I get on TT pretty regularly, get a hold of me if you wanna do some riding!
  13. We were on CRFs and had no ability to pull it haha. White t shirt was sticking out of the window so we left it be.
  14. Found a jeep sunk in a mudhole a couple years ago in the hills of KY lol. Nothing too crazy, just funny.