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    Motovert 140cc carby help

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum, have had a look around but can't find what I'm looking for. I have a Motovert 140cc 2012 model. I recently changed the carb as the old one wasn't idling and I couldn't access the mixture screw. The carburettor I bought was a Genuine Mikuni VM24. I put it on the bike, but now I cant even start it, with or without choke. Has stock jetting, needle is on the second highest, has fuel. Have a big bright blue spark, petrol, so I am out of ideas on what the problem could be. I did get it started when I first put the carb on, just bogged up a bit and wouldn't idle with choke or no choke. Spark plug is dry black, but if I flood it it goes a wet black because of the petrol. Any ideas? if jets are wrong what should I go with for main and pilot? Also any guidelines on how far out the mixture screw should be as well as the idle screw? Thanks