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  1. hwdesign

    Who rides in CT?

    I'd love to but I need to take my son to scout camp. I am back in town around the 28th and would love to ride. Where do you enter Pachaug? I've never been there.
  2. hwdesign

    Places to ride in Rhode Island

    I would've loved to have ridden today. Sorry I missed your note. I've never ridden at Pachaug. Where do you start?
  3. hwdesign

    Places to ride in Rhode Island

    thanks, I've asked that same question on the Facebook page that someone created for the Hodges Dam. I will let you know what they say.
  4. hwdesign

    Places to ride in Rhode Island

    I'm interested in riding there. It looks like a nice place to ride and about the closest place to Charlestown, RI that I can take my son. Do you have a MA sticker? Do I need one? I have a NY plated Dual sport and my son has a NY registered trail bike.
  5. hwdesign

    Places to ride in Rhode Island

    just sent you a private message. HW
  6. hwdesign

    Ride with my 12 Year Old Son.

    nope my name is Howard
  7. hwdesign

    who rides thomaston dam

    I see thanks. Well my 12 year old is fine age wise but we live in NY so how does he take this safety course. Does he need to?
  8. hwdesign

    who rides thomaston dam

    Where does it say that kids under 12 can't ride? I downloaded the TRAIL BIKE INFO SHEET and I see no mention of that. http://www.nae.usace.army.mil/Portals/74/docs/Recreation/TrailBikeInfoSheet.pdf
  9. hwdesign

    Ride with my 12 Year Old Son.

    thanks, so it sounds like the dam is the only place to go with a 12 year old that's not Rocky HIll???
  10. I'm looking for a place to ride in southern NY, CT, RI or Eastern Pennsylvania with my 12 Year old son. We live in Northern Weschester and spend time in Charlestown, RI. He has a Honda CRF80 and I have a dual sport 250. I've read that Thompson Dam and Patchaug in CT require plates and a license. How does this effect my son who is not old enough to have a street legal bike and a license. Can he ride in these places??? I know about tracks that offer open practices but we are not really into running on a track, we're more interested in dirt roads and trails. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. HW