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  1. Millsy057

    Letting people try your bike

    I wouldn't let any of my none mx friends is my bike they are always pestering me to let them have a go tho. And I would only let a couple of my mx friends ride my bike. On the other hand I wouldn't borrow anyone else's its one thing trashing you bike it's another trashing someone else's, I can barely afford to keep mine and my boys bike up to scratch let alone fixing anyone's else.
  2. I filed my clutch basket and it was fine after. I did find it abit tricky getting the clutch basket out tho, I had no way to hold it whilst trying to undo the nut. In the end I welded a bar to an old clutch plate to hold it into position.
  3. Millsy057

    double exhaust

    I thought it was a cr250f that had the double exhaust
  4. Millsy057

    what 250 4 stroke best?

    Cr 250
  5. Millsy057

    What maintenance to do?

    Thanks for the advice
  6. Millsy057

    What maintenance to do?

    Hi I am fairly new to motocross and have recently brought my first proper bike, well what I would call proper anyway. It's a honda cr250f 2008 and I was just wondering what maintenance need to be done and when, eg what needs to be checked/done every ride, every month, every year. I am planning to do the majority of it myself but is there things that would just be far easyer for a professional to do. Thanks for your help Dave
  7. Cut the chain to short. Luckily I had a spear connector link.
  8. Millsy057

    What was your first bike

    My dad got me a Kawasaki kx 80 1986 I still have it I dug it out the garage after Xmas fixed it up and now my son is learning to ride on it
  9. Millsy057

    Honda crf 250 suspension

    Sorry it's a honda crf 250 2008
  10. Hi please could someone tell me how to set the rear suspension for my weight and hight. Thank you