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  1. jophis_37

    Stock chain size?

  2. jophis_37

    2019 exhaust pipe needed

    Thanks for the replies. I was able to pick one up a couple weeks ago
  3. jophis_37

    2019 exhaust pipe needed

    Sent you a message
  4. jophis_37

    2019 exhaust pipe needed

    Still looking for a stock pipe if someone wants to part with theirs.
  5. jophis_37

    2019 exhaust pipe needed

  6. jophis_37

    2019 exhaust pipe needed

    If anyone has a stock exhaust pipe (just the muffler/slip on) off their 2019 kx450, I know someone in need. Let me know if you want help finding it a home and how much you want for it...
  7. jophis_37

    2016 KX450F

    I rode my 16 for the first time on a nice track last night. I've been putting around on a desert mx track during the week, just to take care of the initial break in.The bike felt pretty good. I'm coming off a 15 kx450f. I noticed the weight difference right away. The bike was very maneuverable. I'm still taking it easy finishing up the break it in, so I didn't worry too much about the settings. I haven't even set the sag yet. I did try the standard and soft settings that were listed in the manual, also I tried the team green settings. The only issue I had with the stock settings, if you could even call it an issue, was with my front wheel on non rutted turns. It didn't seem to grip very well. I had to keep catching myself from falling. The soft setting seemed to offer better front wheel feed back and almost as good bottoming resistance. The team green setting, 174/7.25/174 seemed to offer a little less bottoming resistance, nothing that was an issue, handled a little better, but made the small bumps more noticeable. Could have been rider fatigue and track conditions. I tried this setting last and the track was getting dry and rough. Team green recommends another setting of 167/7.25/167, which might have helped, but I was running out of time. Overall I'm extremely happy with the bike. I'm hoping that setting the sag, will help a little with the front wheel sliding out. all in all this bike handles very well and turns better than my 15 when it comes to ruts. I can't wait to see how it feels after having 10 hours on it and I hone my settings. I haven't tried the settings I used on my 15 yet. Maybe next time. 6',182lbs (no gear) az, hardpack tracks vet novice/intermediate.
  8. jophis_37

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    Put the third wheel chock in. So now all the bikes face forward. Loading/unloading is much easier. And there's plenty of room for gear/fuel /stands, in the front of the trailer
  9. I ended up looking at both. I went with the cheaper trailer. It was well taken care of. And looks better in person. Now I just need to personalize...
  10. They are both relatively close to my location. I've spoken with both sellers and negotiated my price as low as I'm gong to get it. The final price difference is $500 between the two trailers. Would you guys get the cheaper / older 1998 trailer for a savings of $500 or would you go for the newer one that already has the E tracks in it? This is going to be used for hauling 3 dirt bikes over the next year. I will eventually step up to a larger tandem axle trailer. But that won't be for another year. Thanks in advance for the help guys. older cheaper, has roof vent http://tucson.craigslist.org/cto/4829361467.html newer but more expensive not sure what year it is. Also doesn't have a roof vent or any side vents http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/rvs/4838570868.html