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  1. You're correct. 3 holes total. The throttle, kill switch and the lighting assemblies did. I doubt the bars are comprised by these 3 holes but everyone's gonna do what they think is best. It's a relatively cheap mod.
  2. With the guards back on.
  3. Just thought I'd post the new bars. Wasn't a difficult job but the drilling took some time cause I wanted the controls in a good spot. Used tape on the bar, put the mount on and squeezed to mark the spot. Pretty happy with it. It's pouring buckets ATM so can't test them out
  4. lol. I have looked and I've read many posts on the topic and found some great info. I can do the math. I was just curious how you found the 1" difference but I realize it's very much personal preference. Thanks for the help. Appreciate it.
  5. Oops. Meant to say thanks. I think I'll go that route too
  6. How do you find the 1"? I definitely want it higher cause standing with the stock doesn't feel great. 1" is 25mm so I'd need 120mm total to get that. The CR high would do it.
  7. Cripes. So many options. I think I'm going with the Protaper Contour. Likely the CR Mid. I figure the 85mm plus the added 19mm with the adapter will put it about 5mm higher than stock, which is good. I'm only 5'7 so I think this will work.
  8. 5'7 160lbs and I ride it stock.
  9. Perfect. Thanks again.
  10. One more question sorry. Will I need to worry about mounting the controls and mirrors on fatter bars or are the bars tapered? I just need the bar mounts correct?
  11. Thanks guys. I have some shopping to do I guess. I'll likely go with the fatter bar. Good tip on the HDB gnath.
  12. Hey guys, I bent my bars today so in the market for new ones. Just not sure what to get. I know it's personal preference on rise etc but thoughts on 1 1/8 vs 7/8 stock? If I go with fat bars, I'm assuming I need all new mounts? I also have acrebis hand guards that I want to reinstall. Any advise would be great. Thanks!
  13. Thanks focus. It looks like my mistake was pushing the clip tight against the sprocket rather than letting it sit in the groove. It lined up perfectly so I'm assuming that's the proper way. I found another thread on here that was helpful. Gonna go for a spin and see how it feels.
  14. Hey guys, anyone else have a issue with bolt holes aligning? I got the sprocket from crfonly JTF1321 and using the stock clip. You can see in the pic the holes are off. Thanks for any feedback.