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  1. lol got that all the time when I owned my TE450!! worst one I've ever heard was from my buddy who forgot to bring a jersey out to the track (two hour drive out so turning back wasn't an option) I had several extra ones in my gear bag that I offered him to wear. He said that if he didnt look good, he couldn't ride good. He said mx was all about being "fresh". He didn't even start his bike that night.....
  2. Whenever I repalce any internal seals, I always put a dab of STP oil treatment along the inside sealing lip. It will stay lubricated during initial startup till the oil can get to it. And hey, if it doesnt work I hear honda has a pretty slick new bike
  3. Funny you mension the fender thing! I thought it was just the hondas I owned. Strange thing is even a brand new oem fernder still with have that slight tweak. Must be in the subframe
  4. jeez adam8781, one of the most in depth pieces of mechanical advice ive ever seen on this site! Thas was unreal.
  5. did you pick it up from sport and leisure? havent seen them that cheep in my area yet
  6. Saskatchewan

    I recently moved to sasktoon from winnipeg a few months ago and am also i need of some new riding spots. Aside from the otopasso track sout of the city, Steve Balzinor has a track located 20 min west of the city and it is unreal! huge jumps and long sweeping corners are sure to get the adrenaline pumping. My roomate is an avid quad rider and told me that there is tones of trails north of the city in nesbit forest: as for the map of the area or where the best riding is, i couldnt tell ya. I should be heading out there some time this week with him tho.
  7. I have recently acquired my class 6 motorcycle licence after riding dirtbike for the better part of my life. When the instructors asked if i had any previous riding experience, and i told them I rode dirtbikes, they were spectacle about how well I would do on the street. To their amazement I finished top of my class of 20 (in Canada we need to take an 8 or 24 hour safety and basic riding course to get our learners), and I passed the driving part with no problems. Biggest thing to remember is unlike the dirt, there are rules that need to be followed i.e. speed, proper lane changes, traffic laws etc. If you can be mature enough to ride on the streets obeying all applicable laws, I can tell you from experience you shouldn’t have any problems. BTW i went from riding a Honda 450 in dirt to a husky TE 450 on the streets. haha once a dirt bike person, always a dirt bike person!
  8. thanks @nesc103y I never really realized how closely related the vin numbers on an inanimate object and the sex trade in north america really were! you have opened my eyes anyways....i ordered the guts of the tranny from parts nation, and the case from my local dealer. the only reason i didnt want to go through a canadain dealer was cause it is back ordered till middle of summer, which is kinda an inconvenience seeing racing season is sooo short. but o well, beggers can be choosers. thanks for the input dudes
  9. I was thinking of doing that, but it will get pretty expensive after ordering all the accessory bearings that are would come with a new one. i was talking to the guys at honda parts nation and they told me the reason they wont sell it to me in canada is because honda canada is different from honda usa, and they dont want to cross-breed (for lack of a better term) bikes. I need to find someone in us who has a bike I could use the numbers from.
  10. Hi everyone, Recently I purchased a 2006 Honda crf 450 in mint condition with only a handful of hours on it. while riding a few weekends ago, I noticed it wasn’t shifting into second gear that well. Thinking nothing of it (just figured a shift for was mis-adjusted or bent) I kept riding. The next day nothing changed, still wouldn’t go into second every time. While riding that day, I heard a little "ting" in the motor so pulled off to the side of the track to assess the situation. To my dismay, I found I had blown the case apart at the output shaft of the tranny. The next weekend I ripped the bike apart and found that a little piece in the kick-start retaining unit broke off, lodged between my second gear shift lever for a short time before being passed through the tranny multiple times, ultimately cracking the case. So now my problem arises. In order to ship the left hand case to Canada I need a American bike vin number and name so they can restamp the case and ship it to me. I would order it here but it is on backorder till the end of July, and I need to roost some dirt ASAP!! Any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated. Attached are some pics of the damage