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  1. If you're serious about riding technical terrain on your radio flyer like we are... you need barkbusters. We don't F around man.
  2. I bruised the top of my wrist when a passenger I was standing over hit my tether on a sled... couldn't dismount normally & it stung for a bit. Then take that against the countless times they kept the sled from jabbing the bars into me as it rolled onto me, or it kept a tree from hooking the bars, or kept a tree from breaking my fingers when smashed straight into.... No brainer. Oh yeah... and they work good on the bikes too
  3. backcountryislife

    Stator/ spark problems

    I've run through all the wiring aside from IN the stator housing, and find no grounds, no chafed wires... nada.
  4. backcountryislife

    Stator/ spark problems

    Disconnected kill switch, I'm assuming these are normal open, right? (IE; disconnecting it will let it run) Sorry, should have mentioned the most obvious first test we did.
  5. backcountryislife

    Stator/ spark problems

    300 exc, had a bad stator from water getting in seal, replaced it with an aftermarket stator that had a pickup too far away from the flywheel, then got another KTM stator. Bike fired, ran perfect, went out for a ride yesterday, gut up to 12k, then 1000' down the other side of the mountain (with no way to the bottom) and no spark. Swapped plug, then coil/wire/cap... nothing (had another 300exc along). Can't find a spot where I'm grounded or anything like that unless it's in the harness off the stator. Bad stator even with water in it had SOME spark. Chinese POS had at least some as well, but now nothing at all. I'm not sure what could have taken the stator out that perhaps would be a symptom of the water getting into the housing (shorting something else out?) I don't want to just buy another stator in case something else is killing it... just not sure where to go from here.