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  1. Bike was running fine, it died, tryed to start it again and POP loud back fire as the motor rumbles a little and dies. I tried starting it 3 times and every time, a little growl from the motor like it was going to start then POP a back fire and immediate death. Its like its getting to much fuel all at once. After i try this i look down to check the plug and notice i had gas leaking from the line itself, no worries i replaced it with another i had laying around. Tried to start again and same dam thing. Now im noticing that the gas will only fill half the line, from the carb to about half way up on the line theres gas and from half the line to the tank theres an air pocket. Not sure where to go from here, any help or advise would be much apperciated! Already tried- Taking line off carb- gas flows freely checked pettock- clear cleaned and sprayed out carb
  2. Crzy2b

    My 96 CR125 headach

    New to the forum so i hope i posted in the right place! I have a (to me) very weird thing going on and i cant quite figure it out. My buddy sold me his bike (96 cr125) awhile ago because after a fresh rebuild he could not get it going and didnt have the money to keep up with it. So i decided to take it on, from what he told me the bike needed a stator. So i replaced it, here comes the part i cant quite grasp. When the plug is in with 1/2 turn with a plug socket there is no spark, when i take the plug out and ground it BOOM nice blue spark. wth? So i found with the plug loose (hand tightened) i still have spark. Yet i still cant get the thing to even fire (or even sound like it wants to start), put a little gas/oil mix in carb, nothing. Also did the same through spark plug hole, still nothing. It almost seams as if its not getting sufficant air. Also, i dont believe im getting fuel past the carb, besides fuel on the spark plug how do you check that? Does this sound like a jet or the whole carb needs sprayed out? Sorry im decently new to the small engine mechanics so please bare with me, any thoughts or help would be much apperciated. Also could off timing on the bike affect it enough to make it just not come close to starting? I did notice when clutch lever is pulled in it doesnt want to disengauge, like i put it in first and roll it with the lever pulled and the wheel drags. Clutch plates stuck? Holy crap i may be in over my head! haha Thanks in advance for any resposes to my situation.