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  1. Thanks very much for your help. Much appreciated!
  2. According to my factory parts manual my clutch is missing a couple of parts . I just got the bike and it's in very poor ( not running) shape and am in the process of turning it into my daily street ride, so it could be that it's been put together with a few parts missing. The manual shows two of the friction plates being different part numbers and different dimensions than the rest of the friction plates and it shows a "spring cushion" installed in between the most inboard metal clutch plate and the adjacent friction plate. My clutch has no such spring cushion and it is only the outermost friction plate that has a smaller inside diameter than the rest of the friction plates. I am wondering if this clutch was put together wrong or if I'm being mislead by the parts manual. Even though I've never seen the bike run, the clutch felt reasonable ( I don't think I actually put the bike in gear and tested the clutch though) and it looks reasonable enough once its assembled. Anyone have experience with these clutches? Thanks much!