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  1. Success!! Thank you for your help!
  2. Thank you..I do have the manual and thought I had everything disconnected properly but maybe not. I will look again.
  3. Thank you..I will try and look for them..I removed 7 screws around the outside, two on the cover and the one inside for a total of 10, just cant budge it. Does the magnet wire need to be disconnected as well?
  4. Actually it was 7 other screws around the cover...2 from the starter gear cover and the 1 inside the gear cover
  5. Yep..got the little cover open, removed the starter gears and the screw inside, I think there were 3 others that I took out? Just cant get it to budge
  6. Have been installing a dual sport kit but seem to be at a stand still..cant get the outside cover off to get to the stater so it can be modified for street. What am I missing here?
  7. I am installing a dual sport kit and have to remove the cover to get to the stater so that it can be modified. I have removed all the bolts that I can find but still can get it off. I was told that there is a magnet inside thats holding it but I cant seem to get it loose. Please help..what am I missing?