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  1. I had the same issue. Took the carb bowl off and found the plastic anti slosh ring had fallen off, jammed the float and overfilling the carb. Easy fix......if thats your problem.
  2. Jmilam

    1995 XR250R muffler

    Will 1996-2002 mufflers/silencers fit a 1995 xr250r? Parts availability for my 95 are getting tough to find and looking for options.
  3. Jmilam

    1995 xr250r jetting

    Ive got a 1995 xr250r with an oversized piston installed (73.50mm). Muffler is gutted, almost a straight pipe. Do I need to rejet my carb? Seems to be running fine but I dont have that much experience in dirt bikes to know if Im getting optimal performance the way its setup now.