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    2001 TTR250 possible CDI issues...

    First off I'm new here, so I apologize if this is a regular subject, but I've done a fair bit of research and can't seem to find much on the subject so my guess is, is that it's fairly rare. Secondly, any helpful insight you guys might have would be very much appreciated. So lately my TTR250 has been playing up. When it gets hot (After a good two hours of fairly hard riding) for some reason the starter motor wants to keep cranking over and the only way to stop it is by pulling out the battery. Turning off the key does nothing and neither does hitting the kill switch. When this first happened my horn also stayed on so I unplugged it and haven't used it since. It only happens when I press the E-start though, I can kick it over no worries and it will run fine. I've replaced the starter solenoid, checked all the wiring, cleaned all the earth's, I've even had to replace the battery a few times due to it being fried by the starter motor. A mate of mine seems to think I picked up a faulty starter solenoid and that when the bike heats up the solenoid is staying closed which would cause the starter motor to have a constant power source and to keep cranking. I on the other hand think that my CDI may be on the blink. I've read that they occasionally play up when the bike gets hot and then when the bike is cool again they work fine, which is exactly what is happening... If I get the battery out in time i can chuck it back in again once the bike has completely cooled down, and it's right as rain. Admittedly I have yet to pull the starter motor out and check it, but to me it doesn't seem top be the issue. I guess what I'm trying to get at is, has anyone ever had their starter motor constantly crank over and had no way of stopping it, aside from quickly pulling out the battery? If so what caused it?