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  1. Yamiha97

    Radial vs bias for supermoto

    For supermotos does radial vs bias tires make a difference? Not a race supermoto, just a commuter that see everything from highway speeds, dirt tracks, twisites, city streets, and wheelies. Does a radial vs bias tire have an affect on a bike such as a supermoto (drz400sm to be specific, cant see it making a difference though). If there is a difference it or big or noticeable? Thanks
  2. Oh really haha, by bad. I always thought hard tires had hard compound rubber, to wear better. And soft tires were soft compound to flex and grab better.
  3. I know you guys probably get very tired of people asking for what tires tires to get, so sorry but here i go anyways. Im pretty much looking for a do it all tire that will last. Not need to be replaced after several rides. I mostly ride trails and single track, with the occasional track day. The terrain where i live changes alot. When its dry out the trails are as hard pack as you can get. With alot of rocks, and sharp rocks. But the second it gets a bit wet it all just turns in to a sloppy mess. Thick, thin, slimy clay and mud. Its a nightmare. I was originally looking at some desert tires. Hard terrain tires with a harder compound to handle all the rocks, and not fall apart after a few rides. But i worry that desert tires wouldn't handle the mud very well? Then i was looking at softer tires that would handle the mud better, but being soft would get destroyed on the hard sharp rocks. So im kind of stuck?? What tire would be a good choice for me? Ones that don't excel in anything, but also doesn't suck in anything. Something that will last and not need to be replaced right away, but also not be useless when it gets wet and muddy. Tires that i can go from the hardest and rockiest of trails, to the muddiest of mud trails. A good do it all tire that will last and not chunk or wear down after a few rides (preferably last an entire season of weekend riding). Thanks
  4. Anyone have experience with both of the Atlas guards? Ive been waiting a long time to get the guardian to go with my brace, but am starting to look at the defender again. How much coverage and protection does the defender provide? I like the guardian because of the shoulders but am not so sure about the foam protection instead of hard plastic. I dont really know. Pretty much just looking for opinions on both, Thanks
  5. Yamiha97

    Braking in dirtbike tires

    Yes that is correct. Haha lets just say i learned about that the hard way on my supermoto. Didn't make it around the first corner without nearly sliding out! Took a ride or two to wear it off.
  6. Haha probably sounds like a very dumb question, but is there any sort of braking in of ditbike tires as there is with street bike tires? Or are they as good as there going to be brand new? Thanks
  7. Although originally designed for stunt riders, it sound like more and more people are starting to use these clutch levers for dirt. Anyone here have one setup on the bike? If so how do you like it? My bike has a brutal clutch pull and am looking at getting one to make it better. Are they really that much better? From the reviews it sounds like they are pretty nice! Thanks
  8. Mine didn't come with the smaller spark arrestor screen. It came with the quiet core, which just reduced the size of the hole at the end. And the spark arrestor with quiet core. I need the spark arrestor however. Was looking at buying just the smaller screen spark arrestor without the quiet core, but wanted to ask here first to see if it makes any difference at all.
  9. Is there any power differences for an fmf 4.1 with the quiet core/spark arrest, vs without these? Or is it just sound difference? After installing the exhaust i started the bike without these inserts installed, and it sounded really good. Didn't get to ride with it like this however. Then i put the spark arrestor in. And it still sounded good but didn't have the same feel to it (just from the sounds). Is this just purely a sounds difference, or is there any power difference between the two (insert in vs no insert). Obviously due to physics there is a power difference. You cant reduce sounds without reducing power output. But is it in any way noticeable, or so small that you wouldn't be able to tell the difference other than the sound. Also this was on a 2009 wr250f with a fmf mega bomb, but i don't believe this topic is much bike related so i posted it here. Thanks
  10. Ice riding this season i bent my exhaust in half. So time to get a new one. I originally had the fmf 4.1 with mega bomb. It felt great. I was wondering what is the difference between the 4.1 and ti-powercore is. Either one would be paired up with the mega bomb. Why is the 4.1 more expensive? Does it have any extra performance over the ti, or just lighter. Im not concerned about weight or sounds. Just the performance out of it. Also im pretty set on getting an fmf so not looking for other pipe recomendations Thanks
  11. Yamiha97

    Dr.D ns-4 wr250f

    Anyone have this exhaust for there wr250f? If so how do you like it? What are your opinions on this pipe? This vs fmf? After folding my fmf in half over the winter i am in search of a new exhaust and came across one of these for a 2014 yz250f. Would this fit a 2009 wr250f? Would it fit fit the fmf mega bomb? Thanks
  12. Yamiha97

    Supermoto tires in dirt

    Obviously street supermoto tires will never be good in the dirt. But i still enjoy riding with them in the dirt. I was wondering if i should be changing the tire psi for dirt riding. Will this make them preform any better than they do a street levels? What psi would be a good level to increase there performance in dirt? Thanks
  13. Yamiha97

    drz400sm FMF Q2 vs....

    I currently have a FMF Q2 exhaust with power bomb. This is the setup i got the bike with so i have nothing to compare it to. How is this setup? How is it compared to other setups? This setup vs stock? This setup vs say a power core 4? Sound and power wise. Mostly just curious! Thanks
  14. Yamiha97

    Wheelies with 15/38 gearing

    Well now im just confused haha. I may not be a pro at wheelies by an means, but i defiantly know how to do them and am somehow decent at them on the dritbike. Especially while standing. Again, although not a pro by any means. I know the proper techniques and so on. Its not like ive never done them before, then it would make sense why i am so confused and cant get the wheel up. Its the fact that i have done them before which is getting me. Obviously the drz is a different bike than my dirtbike. But fairly similar at the same time. On the dirtbike i can both power wheelie from 1-3rd gear, and clutch up in 4th. I know about sitting back on the seat, weighting and deweighting the forks, foot over the rear brake, pulling up, and so on. However I cant power or clutch up even in 1st gear on the drz?? Hearing reassurance from you guys that the bike is capable of it even with the gearing i have, obviously im doing something wrong. But i just dont know what. And please know that im not expecting to get the front wheel up right away and ride off into the sunset at the balance point. I know that its a different bike and its going to take alot of time and practice to get it right. Its just that i cant seam to even get started. Why can i easily do it with the dirtbike, but cant even seam to get the wheel up in first gear? So what am i doing so wrong? Thanks
  15. Yamiha97

    Wheelies with 15/38 gearing

    I really like the gearing of 15/18 as i do alot of faster commuting. But every once in a while i like to have some fun and do wheelies. Ive tried to get the front end up with this gearing setup but am having great difficulties. Is it me or the bike? Can other people get the front end of there bike up with this gearing? If so how? Or is it just to high of gearing for the bike to get the front wheel up? The bike has a full exhaust system, opened up air box, proper jetting. What else can be done to help me get the front end of the bike up in this gearing set up, other than changing gears? From searching i have found some things that i might try. Quick turn throttle? Will this help? Standing on the rear pegs? Or am i just left with having to change the gearing to a lower setup? Even in first gear i cant even get it up. Power or clutch. It doesn't want to lift and boggs down when i pop the clutch. It just feels powerless when i try. I can wheelie my wr250f all day. But this bike with this gearing set up just doesn't want to work for me. Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks