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  1. AustinGrady

    Ktm 125sx

    also it rolls in gear
  2. AustinGrady

    Ktm 125sx

    also it has low compression but i just put new rings on so...
  3. AustinGrady

    Ktm 125sx

    Sorry for not replying in a while but i could not do a compression test because i dont have gauge..but i think that fuel is not getting to the piston
  4. AustinGrady

    Ktm 125sx

    Ok thanks joe I will get on it and see what's up and I'm getting a new piston sent to me when I retear it back down ill check and send pictures
  5. AustinGrady

    Ktm 125sx

    Cylinder look amazing and bought new gaskets for it before I put it back together
  6. AustinGrady

    Ktm 125sx

    Hey guys i have a 2007 ktm 125 its has low compression after i just put new rings and gaskets on it...also it will not start sounds like it wants to but it doesn't have any ideas. thanks for any help in advance.