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  1. hondarider7158

    Someone needs to make a new video game

    the people who made the game went bankrupt
  2. an abandon mobile home from the missouri river flood of 2011 creepy house and basically the whole house is destroyed
  3. hondarider7158

    Nice cops

    Today i got my 1984 Yamaha Tri-moto 200x running so normally i rode it up and down the gravel rode for about an hour. (I didn't ride to far from home in case it broke down.) Then I come home and eat dinner and about mid-dinner a sheriff showed up. So I went to the door and got my dad. All the sheriff said was " You can't ride up and down the gravel rodes unless your registered" in a really nice tone all I said was "ok". I just made this to tell you guys nice cops still exist. It doesn't mean &%$#@! people don't exist.
  4. hondarider7158

    Show me your CRs!

    I want to see them
  5. hondarider7158

    Bro's are ruining our sport

    my bike is completely stock (look wise) except for a rockstar energy drink handlebar pad by pro taper i feel like a bro
  6. hondarider7158

    How much 2 stroke oil?

    used to have one it broke
  7. hondarider7158

    How much 2 stroke oil?

    How much 2 stroke oil would I put in a gas can that is 1 gallon and 4 ounces?
  8. hondarider7158

    Riding Dirt Bikes in a small town

    do u think it would be ok to ride on the town roads but side saddle on the highway
  9. hondarider7158

    Riding Dirt Bikes in a small town

    i know
  10. hondarider7158

    Hand Protection

    I wear fox dirtpaws they work great! http://shop.foxhead.com/store/products/Shop-All-Sale/detail/Fox-Dirtpaw-Race-Glove-/31197/cat540008
  11. hondarider7158

    4 stroke haters

    i like both of them equally
  12. hondarider7158

    Recommend any good silencers?

    something new i have stock now
  13. hondarider7158

    Recommend any good silencers?

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good silencers for a 1999 Cr80 ($200 or less preferably)
  14. but i mean my bikes a 2 stroke its gonna be somewhat loud lol
  15. my bikes pretty loud im thinking about buying a silencer just like Kgmx856 said the quieter = more riding areas