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  1. jasxtwo

    Is Trail Riding a RACE?

    So this is my take on this "trail riding" thing. I started riding 4 years ago at age 42. The place I ride most often has one way trails only so not quite the same as your place. What really is "fast"? When I first started a barely ever got to second gear. Mostly due to bike control issues and learning trail. After a couple years of practicing and the will to get better not necessary faster I managed to ride into 3rd gear a bunch and be in control of bike at the same time. I currently ride the same trail in half the time I did 4 years ago and hit 4th and maybe 5th gear some. I am in control of the bike the whole time because I know my limits. So am I fast? If so then will somebody please tell all the other people so they will quit passing me! Lol. Fast is just relative to your ability. Some have it and some don't but it's just really about time on the bike to me. I know there are many many people "faster" than I am but bet the smile on there face isn't any wider!!
  2. jasxtwo

    Ktm 250sxf

    No. Just make sure you clean screen every few hours
  3. jasxtwo

    Styx River

    Riding tomorrow actually but very possibly Sunday as well!
  4. jasxtwo

    Styx River

    Didn't notice your post until now but hit me up next time you want to ride and will try to make it. I only live about 10 miles from Styx river. Not much to ride there and very sandy but still fun to hit the small track they have. I ride in Milton Florida quite a bit when it's not 95 degrees out. Clear Creek OHV.
  5. jasxtwo

    fuel injection hose?

    Yes you can. It's same hose just not shaped like OEM. Much cheaper also
  6. Just throwing this out there. Not to dismiss leak down test but if bike was running good before you hit lakebed I would be looking into TPS. There was a problem with this bike and I believe a recall on the cover. I had a very similar issue with same bike.
  7. Don't go any further with out shop manual. Motor tear down is not hard but there are steps in the process you need to follow before you start. Like already said you need motor at TDC ( top dead center) and verify cam positions. Order manual on cd from slavens racing or ktm parts. I just did complete top end on same bike about a month ago. Leak down should have given indication of where problem is though.
  8. jasxtwo

    Any places to ride near Biloxi/Gulfport, MS?

    Bethel atv trails are in desoto forest just north of base. Has 2 20+ mile loops. Also have rattlesnake bay just a bit further north. Haven't been there yet as it just reopened last summer. Bethel is a lot of fun on bikes and only 15 bucks at drop box. Must have spark arrestor.
  9. jasxtwo

    New OHV park Milton Florida

    Just a heads up to a new state riding area in Milton Florida. It's called Clear Creek OHV trails. Just opened a couple weeks ago but rode there this past weekend. About 27 miles of trails that are 1 direction thankfully. There are some motorcycle only single track as well. I was really impressed with how well the trails are marked. Some sandy sections but mostly nice light packed soil. Only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at present time. You don't feel like you are riding in northwest Florida either because there is actually a little terrain change on part of it. Layout is great!
  10. jasxtwo

    Bike won't start

    We ran in to same problem yesterday with my buddies Hussberg fe350. It ended up having a loose ground at battery. Tightened it up and was good to go. If you have been running ethanol gas you may need to pull injector and clean it. Plenty of YouTube vids on this.
  11. jasxtwo

    2011 250 sxf top end questions

    Do OEM pistons have the black Teflon on the skirts? Maybe these are just wore off completely. Says elko on back.
  12. I have a 2011sxf that I had no history on when I purchased. Bike has ran really well but started to notice a little oil consumption and on last ride had some oil blow by on exhaust end cap. I tore top end down to replace piston and rings and check valves. Valve clearances are in spec but on the low end. This is my first rebuild and I am just trying to figure out if this was still all original as it appears to be and what all I need to replace. Checked end gap on ring after I pulled piston and was shocked that it was just over 4mm so this obviously is do for piston and rings. Valves look very bad on appearance but wasn't sure if I should try to clean or just take to someone and have valves/seats redone? Sorry for long post just want to do it right first time.
  13. jasxtwo

    SRT off-road products?

    Have rad guards and rear shark fin. Good quality and have taken a beating because I crash a lot! No problems
  14. jasxtwo

    ebay radiators?

    I've been running the GPI Reds for over 2 years on my 250x with their red silicone hoses. They look great and have never had an over heat with them.. No fan either. You will need to trim shrouds just a little bit though.