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  1. cowboydfk2

    Street Legal Conversion In PA

    I take mine to a place that does car and cycles and they don't look at the tires and he passes it with an after market plastic tank. I heard of people grinding the for offroad use only letters off the tire but I like to run the Dot tires because they wear better and I'm sure safer. Good luck, let us know how it turned out.
  2. Is Switchback open for practice on weekends?
  3. Are you going back out to Creekside mx this weekend? I think I'm gonna go there this weekend, the weather looked bad last weekend so I bailed.
  4. I'm taking it out after breakfast to go hit some jumps and try to make it corner faster. I'm sure someone will swap you for a Jap bike on CL.
  5. Gonna hit Creekside MX tomorrow weather permitting, if anyone is interested. Pittsburgh MX is closed for racing this weekend.
  6. cowboydfk2

    Any Dual Sports riders in Pittsburgh?

    I found this thread. http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1023800-pittsburgh-pa-dual-sport-riders/
  7. I do a lot of roof and remodeling work over in those areas. Are you riding this weekend?
  8. cowboydfk2

    Pittsburgh PA dual sport riders

    DRZ 400 owner here. I don't wanna do any single track or crazy stuff, I have a YZ 250 for that but if yinz guy's wanna do some milder trails around Pittsburgh I'm game. I know places up in the mountain around seven springs that are perfect for dual sporting, a little rocky though. Let's get something going, I'm getting bored riding by myself.
  9. Hey Jeremy I didn't know that was you, It's Don. The YZ ran strong last weekend, it kicked my butt though, I was beat lol.
  10. Jamracing where about are you in Pittsburgh? we could be neighbors.
  11. I own a DRZ 400s myself. Let's hear what you ride and maybe a dual sport ride in the mountains one of these day's.
  12. Yes, I'm only up in the mountain on weekends.
  13. Hey Kerry, we talked before. I had to make a new account cause some Jaggoff hacked my email. I ride around Mountain ridge, Is there any MX tracks around Somerset? the one at Mountain ridge ain't to great. It's great to be back on thumper talk but it sux being a Noob again. Hit me up sometime, I wanna go riding with Yinz.