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  1. They all use the same system. Here's the dealership I order oem parts from because I get a discount and it's hard to beat their pricing. Just choose honda - motorcycle - the year- then the model. http://www.masoncityhonda.com/fiche_select.asp
  2. Rotella T6 in the vfr.
  3. If its not totalled out then your title is fine.
  4. Are the valves adjusted properly?
  5. Valve check time.
  6. About the cheapest price Ive seen on a 140cc. http://www.ebay.com/itm/221178465490?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  7. Youre gonna lose acceleratuon with a bigger front sprocket. Also you want small valves for torque and big valves for more top end speed.
  8. 10w-40 dino oil is the generic thing to run in them. Id just measure out 700ml out and see where that gets you. Also make sure tye bike is level when checking the oil.
  9. All clone engines say not to run synthetic. If fuel is dumping out then the float need may have junk in it and keeping it from sealing or the float needs adjusting. Also you could have put in too much oil. They usually need 700-900ml.
  10. All clone engines say not to run synthetic.
  11. Chains stretch and adjusters come loose.
  12. Like the comments.said. Make sure the clutch is fully disengaged, even if that means loosing the bolt on the case. If thats not it then its internal problems which Ive read that 140cc and up engines have a problem busting the kick start. Either install a decomp valve or decomp cam or feather the kick start till you get the engine to a certain spot. Sorry I cant remember if its on the compression stroke or not.
  13. Id say the oil pump. Everything else is probably just for upgrading. Which kit are you getting? I think Ive seen at least 3 diffeent kits from just a new bore/piston to everything from bore to new head and carb.
  14. <p>You dont have to be a pro to break a steering lock Ive seen a guy do it with just his body within seconds.
  15. Rolled over 61k on my hooonda. Ill give anything a try. Some of my best expeirences are from things others wouldnt try.