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  1. knr199

    2013 CRF450R

    Just wondering what is the best (price/quality) site to make custom graphics on? Let me know your experiences.
  2. knr199

    06 Honda Crf250r Pipe?

    Yoshimura RS-4
  3. knr199

    2010 CRF250R

    Does anybody have any detailed instructions on putting in a new crankshaft in a '10 crf250r? I have my engine out but not sure how to put in the new crank. Please help!?
  4. knr199

    2010 CRF250R Shifter Leak

    I put in a new shifter seal and it hasn't leaked yet so hopefully that was the problem! Thanks for the help!
  5. knr199

    2010 CRF250R Shifter Leak

    I took my 2010 crf250r for a rip the other day and after I put it back in the garage I noticed oil all over the linkage, and pretty much spattered all over the around the rear tire. I took a look at it and I'm guessing the leak is coming from the shifter and the oil got on the chain and spattered everywhere hence the oil on the linkage and rear parts. It seems like quite a lot of oil that leaked and I checked my oil level and sure enough it had dropped. If you know anything about this or it has happened to you please let me know what to do or what you think the problem may be! As of now I'm thinking I will need to replace the shifter seal but not positive. Help me out!?
  6. knr199

    Best 09-12 250 F

    My sister owns one and my friends have them. My sister has not had any problems engine wise.
  7. knr199

    2009 Honda CRF230F

    i will have to look into that re-jetting!
  8. knr199

    Best 09-12 250 F

    wth are you talking about?
  9. knr199


    Drive one sometime.
  10. i don't think so unless the top end was replaced with gold.
  11. knr199

    Best 09-12 250 F

    oops i thought you meant the top end o the engine goes...not like weight wise. Now i see what your saying!
  12. knr199


    No worries everyone! I got my question answered! Thanks to ones who answered it and also the ones that added a little fun humor! Always good to have someone to tease a little!
  13. I have been debating on whether it would be worth it to get a 2010 or newer Honda CRF250R because of the fuel injection. What are the bonuses and downfalls of fuel injection and how does it work? Is it even worth the extra $$$?