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    Need Help - 2001 WR426F Won't Start

    Thommo_400F thanks for the help. I actually took the carb back apart and put it in a bucket of simple green for about 20 minutes and then dunked in hot water. It was amazing how much stuff was still inside the carb, it looked clean when I cleaned it the first time but apparently not. I blew it out, put it together and it fired up on the second kick. What a difference a clean carb makes. All I need to do how is have Myler's fix my radator that I smashed after wrecking this weekend.
  2. jeepraider

    Need Help - 2001 WR426F Won't Start

    Thanks for the help. I knew about not messig with the trottle. So I will set the mixture screw to 1.5 turns out and put a new plug in. I removed the TPS when I was taking the carb apart, could this have anything to do with it not wanting to start unless the Hot Start is pulled out? I red in the owners manual that you should not mess with it unless you are replacing it with a new one. Again thanks.
  3. Hello everyone I am new to the site and already I am in need of help. I picked up a 2001 WR426F about two weeks ago and I am very happy that I did. As soon as I got it I spent some time figuring out how to start it, reading this site, so need less to say I kicked for a while before I go the process down. Now the real problem; the bike had a slight bog to it when you first got on the throttle so I decided to order a rebuild kit and put some new jets in it. So last night I took the carb apart and put new gaskets on the carb and replaced the jets. The previous owner had put in a 172 main jet but left the stock 42 pilot jet in it. So I decided to put a new 172 main in and a new 45 pilot and se the mixture screw to 2 turns out to see if that would get rid of the bog. Well it did not. It would not start unless I had the Hot Start pulled out, so since the hot start leans it out I put a new 42 pilot jet in and 1-5/8 turns out on the screw and still it won't start unless the hot start is out. Even then it will only run for about 30 seconds. IWhen the hot start is not pulled out it won't even try to start. Please any advise as to what could be going wrong let me know. Could it be just severly flooded from having the 45 pilot in? I have a ride planned for saturday so i hope I can get this fixed tomorrow night after work. By the way it ran ok before I decided to take the carb apart, it also has a full White Bros. exhuast. Thanks in advance.