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    carburetor vent lines

    Jeez, Sorry about this.. I saw this the other day and it freaked me out... Wasn't sure if it was a need or what not.. They are all hooked up with the carb so we are set!
  2. iowahawk9999

    carburetor vent lines

    Hi All, I posted earlier this week about an issue with my newly bought dirt bike. I purchased an 02' KTM 2 Stroke SX. I accidentally laid it on it's side, and now the carburetor vent lines (or what i was told in my previous post... ) have been disconnected. I don't know where they go, the previous owner had zip tied them and I need help! I will add a photo to try to help you out if you can help me.. I tried to look in my manual and didn't see anything on where they go either. Please give me a link or picture or something to help me out! Thanks!! -Seth
  3. iowahawk9999

    Please Help!

    Hi Forum, I am not mechanically inclined to dirt bikes (other than air filters, oil changes etc) and this forum, and looking for help! I just bought a 2 stroke 2002 ktm SX. The bike fell over the other day and the guy i bought it from must have zip tied the lines underneath together. I am assuming it's fuel line, and other lines (but i don't know what) i tried looking in my manual for where they plug into but i cannot find ANYTHING. Can you please help me or at least steer me into the right direction? Thanks! Cheers, Seth.