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  1. Had to read this post, i Have the exact same issue left wrist can't bend it much ( a real pain for push ups) and you can see a lil bump where it hurts mind you i only did mine about 2 years ago. after reading this an hearing with your exp with leaving it, it's going to get a lot worse, i think i might pay the doc a visit !! I hope you get it sorted mate and will be very keen to hear how they fix it.
  2. suthy

    What Size Rear Tire For A 2.15 Rim

    I had a 2.15 on my 2010 and the 110 tyre, and i could tell. but not much difference at all other than the traction was better out of tight corners. but since i have got the 2013 and bak to the 100 i felt a bigger difference, starts aren't as good, More wheel spin were i wouldn't normally get to much, and a bit more tail happy in corners) But bear in mind could be change of bike ha. so up to u..power wise i couldn't tell . i think for the traction u gain ( which aint much ) makes up for loss of power. again won't be much. But personally i took the 100 off and have put a 110 on as soon as i could.
  3. suthy

    Honda CRF250R 2013

    would recommend a tune an after market exhaust, looking for bottom end power.
  4. suthy

    Honda CRF250R (2013)


    would recommend a tune an after market exhaust, looking for bottom end power.
  5. suthy

    Bent renthals

    ok that makes sense do u have to take it all off then back on to tell or can u visually tell if there tweaked as it all looks ok the rubbers. at the moment.
  6. suthy

    Bent renthals

    from what i can gather off other post and stuff, it sounds like the front end is tweaked as u said, just needs to loosen the front end bolts of and tighten back up again. sounds like its not as uncommon as i thought hope fully it works
  7. i use a bit of petrol. just dip in a screw driver than run it around the inside of the grip. and they usually wear out before it moves.
  8. suthy

    Bent renthals

    oh ok pinch makes a bit more sense haha cheers. ill have a look tomorrow morning see if they are it. if not ill get some new ones i guess its a good excuse to test out some other bends and brands !! ouch ha nothing worse than being mid air and knowing ur not gonna make it. thanks for the help.
  9. suthy

    Bent renthals

    i did think maybe it was something other than the bars but I'm not to sure, also not sure what pink Bolts ur talking about ? I also had a few bad stacks with my old bike byron and no issue either. just seem funny, must have a weak spot, like you said if they hit right they give.
  10. hey guy so i was just plotting around my track in 1st today and im not really to sure what happen but managed to drop my bike it didnt hit the ground hard as i was still standing and lost it at the last miniute but somehow im pretty sure it bent my bars (stock renthals) :banghead: when i brought my 2010 crf250r the guy that sold it to me said if you ever bend the bars bring them back and they will exchange them for new ones as there nearly impossible to bend (never had to) well i now have a 2013 crf250r and they bent just like that, way to easily if you ask me. im sure there the same bar. has anyone had this issue with there bars bending way to easily ? I cant imagine there bent maybe i'm overlooking something ? only a slight bend but really noticeable when riding. (no dramatic 90 degree stuff haha) cheers
  11. suthy

    Factory connection or Ohlins ?

    cheers guys im gonna keep with my ohlins order and see how they go. getting fitted next weekend so should be good to take for a test ride an see how much difference they make. also can some one kind of explain revalving and is it worth it ? i don't really have a endless budget but i'm planing on building a good bike. thanks for the help.
  12. suthy

    Honda CRF250R 2010

    Great strong bike has great handling and takes a good beating.
  13. suthy

    Honda CRF250R (2010)


    Great strong bike has great handling and takes a good beating.
  14. hey guys, i had orded some factory connection springs (.42, 4.7) for a 2013 CRF250R but the shop couldn't get them in so they asked if i wanted to get some Ohlins springs instead for the same price as the FC so i agreed as iv heard ohlins are some of the best and most expensive springs you can buy, from people around the track and what not. So my question is, is this true are they lets say the "better spring" than race tech or FC ? or at least just as good and I'm not downgrading changing from FC to ohlins ? also I'm 63kg mid b grade rider purely mx cheers
  15. suthy

    Backfire Screen?

    I just took mine out yesterday, but after doing a little internet research i nearly put it back in with people saying the risk of back fire and setting there bike alight dose not out weigh the power gain. what is the chance of your bike really setting alight from this ? i couldn't imagine it would but nothing more embarrassing then your bike burning to the ground at the start gate