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  1. tnole23

    where's this hose go?

    got that, but what about the nipple indicated by yellow arrow?
  2. tnole23

    where's this hose go?

    so the nipple on the back of carb is just a vent?
  3. The hose in the pic looks like it got tore up by chain or something. The white arrow points to disconnected hose. It routes to other side of carb. The white arrow is disconnected end of hose shown in first pic. The yellow arrow seems to be where the hose should be connected Is that right? U can see how the hose is chewed up, maybe it got pulled off nipple. But I really don't know.
  4. tnole23

    gearing advice

    i just picked up a 98 yz250 and am gonna need new chain/sprocket real soon. i've read a couple real good threads on gearing, but none of em mentioned late model bikes that i noticed. i saw that the internal gearing can vary, but couldn't find anywhere that listed a 98. so comparing what other people like on their year doesn't help too much. in just riding around the bike, though, 1st gear seems non-existent. i'm assuming that isn't normal. i mean i have to shift before i even get my feet off the ground, can't wheelie at all cuz it runs outta gear before lifting the tire. maybe i'm limp wristing it, but the rest of the gears seem to pull hard, it's just first is useless. i didn't really expect this, and can only think it's gearing. the stock is 14/50, right now it has 14/51. not very much difference, but i've never owned yamaha db. road bikes are all geared too low, thought maybe dirt bikes are geared too high. i saw quite a few people like 14/48 or 49, htought that might be worth a shot. but i don't swap sprockets typically, so what i pick is what i got. figured i'd ask. i plan to ride open trails and dirt track. just wanted a good all around gear, not for wheelies or high speed though.