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  1. Hey y'all: This is my first post on TT. I'll admit that I've browsed the forums a little bit over the last couple of weeks, and learned some useful things. thanks in advance for all the help I expect to continue to find here. :-) About 3 months ago, my son (17 yrs old) told me he wanted to learn to ride motorcycles. The last time one of my kids asked to learn, I spent a fortune, only for her to decide it wasn't really for her. I haven't owned a bike in a long time, but didn;t want to repeat the mistake, so I went looking for some inexpensive bikes that I could teach my son with. My criteria were rather simple: mono-shock, front disc brake, under $1000. I ended-up picking-up an '83 XL600R for $400 and an '87 DR200 for $500. We went through them and did bearings, brakes, tires/tubes, replaced all fluids, a bunch of cables, etc etc etc. Last weekend we took 'em out for the first time and my son took to it like a duck to water. He's quickly going to out-grow the DR200. Yeah.... I'm proud of him. Anyway: I'm quite happy with the XL, but I'll admit that the last time I rode a dual-purpose bike it was 1986, and I had a '79 XT500. (The last time I rode a dual-purpose off-road was 1983!) I'm not sure what I'm missing by not going to something newer? looking forward to being here, and learning what I can. Anybody else here in the Salt Lake City area?