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  1. max94

    Yamaha YZ 125 clutch Problems

    Awesome, thanks for all the imput! I'm won't have a chance to work on the bike again until Monday but you've given me loads of ideas on what to check next. I've also ride a ktm exc 200 so I know dirt bikes aren't the most refined but the clutch is dragging so much that even with the lever pulled all the way you can still accelerate so its defiantly not right. When I had the clutch cover off I could see that the pressure plate was releasing the clutch plates enough that I could wiggle them and separate them. Makes me think that the cable and rod are okay as they were releasing the clutch. Might just be that one of the metal plates is warped and constantly dragging. I'll let you know once i figure out what the issue is.
  2. max94

    Yamaha YZ 125 clutch Problems

    Cheers thankyou all for the advice. I'm thinking replacing the plates and the springs might be the best bet if its not a hard job. I'm in the UK and most of the clutch parts I can find are made by Apico and I haven't seen a whole oem clutch rebuild kit for sale. If you know where I could get one that'd be great. Another question, is there meant to be slack in the clutch cable as it's under tension even with the lever released and i can't get it any slacker?
  3. max94

    Yamaha YZ 125 clutch Problems

    Thanks for the ideas. No I didn't take the clutch apart at all as I've never had to work on one before. I'm thinking I'll have to take the cover off again and have a look which is annoying as I've just filled it with new oil. Is there any special tools I'll need or and advice you have before I try take it apart?
  4. Hi guys, I've bought a 2010 yz 125 recently and since I've got it I've been having clutch problems. It started that the clutch was always dragging so that when you put it in gear the bike would die. I thought it was the clutch cable as it was at the end of its adjustment and looked worn so I ordered a new one. Once I fitted the new cable I couldn't get it into adjustment. I the clutch was constantly dragging even if i adjusted the clutch so much that even with the clutch lever out it started to slip but even then when you pulled the lever it was still dragging. I drained the gearbox oil and checked the clutch was actually releasing and that the basket was in good condition and they look fine. I'm struggling to figure out what could cause this if anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate it.
  5. Thanks for the response, but that wouldn't work as the the bolt is specific for this bike. Its a hollow bolt that screws into the bottom of the oil tank and has a filter on top that goes into the tank. i finally found a dealer that found one but it wont to arrive till late next week which is a pain as my friends are going without me now and I've never been on a proper ride on this bike yet
  6. hi, i was changing the oil on my 2005 yamaha wr450f today and i decided to take the oil strainer out as it had never been done before. it was done up really tight so i used a breaker bar and a socket to get it off ( don't ever do this) i got it out but the thread on the bolt is completely stripped and won't go back in, which is really annoying as i was planning on going for a ride tomorrow! im just starting to worry as i can't find replacements anywhere online and there is no dealers anywhere near me. if anyone knows how to get hold of a new one it would be really useful to know. thanks btw this is my first post so if i put this in the wrong area let me know please