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  1. Thanks for the response, but that wouldn't work as the the bolt is specific for this bike. Its a hollow bolt that screws into the bottom of the oil tank and has a filter on top that goes into the tank. i finally found a dealer that found one but it wont to arrive till late next week which is a pain as my friends are going without me now and I've never been on a proper ride on this bike yet
  2. hi, i was changing the oil on my 2005 yamaha wr450f today and i decided to take the oil strainer out as it had never been done before. it was done up really tight so i used a breaker bar and a socket to get it off ( don't ever do this) i got it out but the thread on the bolt is completely stripped and won't go back in, which is really annoying as i was planning on going for a ride tomorrow! im just starting to worry as i can't find replacements anywhere online and there is no dealers anywhere near me. if anyone knows how to get hold of a new one it would be really useful to know. thanks btw this is my first post so if i put this in the wrong area let me know please