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  1. Hey everyone, While taking a break yesterday at the desert my bike tipped over and as I grabbed for the handlebars I caught the throttle cable - pulling it quite hard. Doh! My throttle felt fine, twisted perfect and had normal resistance. When I fired the bike up the throttle was stuck wide open. I was able to stall it by shifting up to 5th and stomping the rear break. Opened up my throttle housing and everything checked out ok. Followed the throttle cable down to the carb and everything still looked ok. Tried the bike a few more times, same issue, wide open.... Had my buddies take a look to see if they would notice something I didn't. Pushed the throttle cable around and double checked the connection at the carb and tried it again - worked perfectly! Rode straight back to the truck and called it a day. Anyone have any idea what happened here? Should I take it in and have it adjusted or looked at? I don't want to have it get stuck open again while riding as that could result in a serious injury. Bike is a 2005 YZ250. Thanks
  2. My second time on a track. Nothing crazy, but I'm having a blast.
  3. Andrew13

    New Top End Interval

    How many hours before you replace your top end and what type of riding do you do?
  4. Andrew13

    2 Stroke hour meter

    Reporting back. It was pretty loose, put a tiny zip tie around it and I am good to go. Thanks
  5. Andrew13

    2 Stroke hour meter

    Thanks for the response. Something must be installed wrong. I'll take a look.
  6. Should an hour meter clock idle time? IE if I warm the bike up for 3 min will the meter count that 3 min towards total time? Hour meter in Red package: http://www.boat-registration-numbers.com/showpage.cfm?catid=129 Bike: 05 yz250 Thanks,
  7. GF Lots of work Lots of school Not enough surfing Video games
  8. Andrew13

    Video of James Stewart taking a pill on the gate @ MEC 2013

    This is ridiculous. It's probably an ibuprofen or an Aspirin.
  9. Andrew13

    yz250 Cylinder temp

    Thanks for all the tips, I recently moved from a 32:1 to a 35:1 premix ratio but made no other changes. I'll move back to 32:1 and see if that does anything. I'm going to be swapping out some parts and doing an oil change this weekend, Ill be sure to check the radiator fluid to make sure things are moving. Thanks for all the tips.
  10. Andrew13

    yz250 Cylinder temp

    I warmed it up and took it around the neighborhood a few times. This makes me worried - how would I got about checking my cooling system?
  11. Andrew13

    yz250 Cylinder temp

    Hey all, This may be a dumb question, but how hot should your cylinder be under operating temps? I recently touched my cylinder on accident with my finger and it burned the crap out of me. Is this normal?
  12. Andrew13

    Should I Trade?

    I bet you could find a much nicer newer 2t for a straight across trade if you held off. I would not make that trade.
  13. Andrew13

    Lets see your before and after pics!

    This thing is awesome!