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    help !

    xt 350 I think around the 95 year this is driving me nuts the bike I hard as hell to start, then when it decides to start after a few thousand kicks, it runs ok for a minute or two until its warm then cuts out and then refuses to start again until cold. I have cleaned the carbs, checked if the fuel is flowing ok from the tap question when the carbs were off and I opened the throttle I noticed only one slide opens up not both, is this correct Richard with a right leg thicker than a oak tree
  2. kempo

    xt 350 kick start shaft

    thanks for your help guys.... right new kick shaft installed, I hope I have fitted it ok, as the kicker starts going down it pulls the decompression cable, but its a bugger to start grrrr so will start by cleaning the carbs when I have managed to start it , the bike runs fine until it warms up but then cuts out ?? kempo
  3. hiya guys am new on here and in the hope someone out there can point me in the right direction I have just purchased a xt 350 as a non starter and snapped kick start shaft, I had the shaft wielded but after a couple of kicks it snap off, I will buy a new or second hand shaft, so I was hoping there's someone on here who could explain to me how hard it is t fit , any pitfalls etc many thanks kempo