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  1. Travis616

    2007 cr125r ceeps going through plugs

    I have been running an '05 YZ125 needle with a 30 pilot and stock main/slide with good results. Pretty cheap and would be worth a try, cleaned my jetting up to a respectable level anyways
  2. Travis616

    Stock slide size ? 2006 cr125

    I have an '07 and am running a 30 pilot, 420 main, and a stock needle from a '05 yz125 - not sure how it would work with you 4.5 slide though. Stock is a 4.0 so your slide might be doing the same as my leaner needle? The stock Honda needle is 2.68mm (I think) on the straight section where the Yamaha needle is 2.80mm. I have been running this setup for 3yrs and haven't found anything that works any better yet
  3. Travis616

    2007 CR125 Tuning Help

    I have went through the same thing as everyone that owns an '05-'07 CR125, Here is what I am currently running in my '07: 420 main jet 35 pilot jet 6CHY6-81 needle #3 position I am going to try the 6bfy42-74 needle, I have one in my truck that I just haven't had a chance to try. I have a bunch of the honda needles that I bought trying to get it right with their -dgy series, what a waste - the yamaha needles are about 1/3 the price!! My setup still has a rich spot to it but it's mainly just there when warming up. I find it funny that everyone wants to change out the carb - the YZ125 has used them for quite a while and no one seems to complain about the tmx-x carbs, KX & RM 125's used them as well and I don't think those guys are buying the keihins' up.