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  1. SeanC7

    Clutch lever issue 1999 250

    Haha ya Im relatively new to repairs, the bike is a 99 kx250 but I wouldnt mind looking at the manual. I tried to adjust it by looming at it but it didnt seem to make a diffrence.
  2. SeanC7

    Clutch lever issue 1999 250

    The fingers didnt look too bad at all, and as far as the cable goes ive never adjusted it Im going to try to do that today hopefully thats the problem solver. I never like messing with throttle or clutch cables.
  3. SeanC7

    Clutch lever issue 1999 250

    Hmmm...not sure if thats the problem because the cable has pressure it just wont retract fully when released...also it had given me no trouble prior to the clutch swap. Or should you change canles regularly?
  4. SeanC7

    Clutch lever issue 1999 250

    Just changed the clutch, i honestly didnt think about warming it up...i feel like an idiot. ive turned it on and tried to ride it but that was basically pointless because it instantly stalled.
  5. I just recently changed the clutch on my bike, now i have very little clutch lever pressure. I checked the middle rod(the bearing goes on the outside part of the rod I believe right?) The bike wont roll freely when holding the clutch while in gear either. Please help, thanks.
  6. Awesome thanks for the advice boys, now another question a little off topic I have: I was talking to a friend of mine and he told me that I need to seal the engine? I thought that's only needed if I cracked open the bottom end...all I did was take off the cylinder and cylinder head, do I need a vacuum seal finished?
  7. Thanks for the advice, will definitely use premix... Lol I'm going to try a flush, I have a problem though, apparently the drain plug on the bottom of the bike is stripped would it be safe to just drain it from the clutch basket? Also as far as any unorthodox movements or feelings of the crank, it seems alright, the crank and piston seem to go all the way down, just maybe a little more stiff then usual but that could be because I'm using my hand with no top end or piston on....I'm seriously considering a bottom end inspection. I just bought a brand new cylinder and a brand new piston kit so I dont want to hook everything up and have a bottom end issue scratch or damage the top end in any way... I'm just hoping the feeling while cranking it is normal....may feel some minor grinding of sediment but can't really put my finger on it honestly.
  8. Thanks josh, the top end isn't that difficult to work on but I've heard the bottom end is. I really don't trust myself in splitting the case or anything like that lol. I'm thinking about just handing it off to a mechanic and asking them to flush it and clean it out and to inform me if anything is broken. I just know that they're gonna bend me over and rape me the on the labor charges..
  9. Hahah awesome thanks man... This is a little random but Idk if you can see that metal chipping in that pic? It seems real minor that's on the crank btw should I sand that down or should it be fine?
  10. Ya I know, it's my first rebuild I just wasn't sure if there's a certain type of lube best for this specific situation thanks though.
  11. Really, I thought gear and motor oil would be the way to go... Not oil/gas mix. Or are they the same thing before you mix it with the gas lol?
  12. Basically what the title of the thread says. I'm curious if and what type of oil I should use on new pistons and cylinder during a top end rebuild? Is 10w-40 motor oil good or what's the best type of thing to use. Thanks.
  13. SeanC7

    Kx250 Cylinder Head replacement?

    Hahahah ya "just needs a top end" (I hope) thanks for all the help tho, Ya the dude before me just zipped it haha. Ya I'm thinking about just buying a new cylinder all together only IF the bike doesn't run with new rings on the piston, I figured its worth a shot and would confirm if the crankshaft needed repair so once the new rings come in the mail I'm going to put it all back together and try to run it, and if not I'm pretty much going to have to grab a new piston kit and new cylinder =[
  14. SeanC7

    Kx250 Cylinder Head replacement?

    The crank could be a issue but I remember the screech was coming from the top end nowhere near the kick starter, It was like a temporary thing too it went away after a few kicks. Do you think that could just be the busted ring out of place on the piston? Dave, unfortunately I don't have the tools to measure the bore, Josh, if and when I do send it into millenium tech should I just get a big bore? What type of service should I request?