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  1. Killswitch914

    05 ktm 450 sx transmission swap

    would the transmision from a 525 exc of the same year fit the 450 sx? If so i would just do a swap instead of adding 2 more gears.
  2. I just want to know if i could swap out my 4 speed for a 6 speed transmission, if so what parts would i need? Or if i could swap transmission with a bike of the same year?
  3. Killswitch914

    Lights not working

    The brake light and rear turn signals are incandescent and the front turn signals and headlight are led. The front signals still turn on but they are very dull. I'll check the ground up front
  4. Killswitch914

    Lights not working

    This model does not have a battery. I was thinking the stator could be one of the problems.
  5. Killswitch914

    Lights not working

    I don't know what kit was put on I just bought the bike 2 months ago.
  6. Killswitch914

    Lights not working

    I have 10 to 11 volts.
  7. Killswitch914

    Lights not working

    I have a 98 XR400 the head light brake light and turn signals are not working. First the head light went then the rest followed a few days later. Any thoughts on what could be causing the problem?