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  1. Highbeam

    Sparkplug Enduro Dummy

    That KX100 had some serious luggage too. I started behind him a few minutes. Tires looked nearly flat and a huge cloud of 2smoke as he took off. Nothing wrong with small bikes but yeah, I passed him early on and never saw him again.
  2. Highbeam


    Guys, I ride a dual sport and will be showing up in my pickup with the bike in the back. I bought a 35$ discovery pass last night. Plan to spend the 45$ to register in the morning. What's the deal with a second discovery pass for my dirt bike? I of course would like to avoid paying for two passes since it is expensive and certainly not the intent of the pass. Are the cops jerks about this?
  3. Highbeam


    The supercross schedule is no excuse, we are riders. I am struggling with the decision about which of these events to ride. I've been going to the d100 weekend since they moved it to vantage..... enduros are so great though and perhaps the fast kids will be at the d100 instead.
  4. Highbeam

    Halloween Poker Run

    The poker runs don't require club or NMA membership. You show up with a legal bike (tabs, spark arrestor) and pay your 20 bucks and ride. It's like a guided tour of tahuya. The poker runs are 30-40 miles most times. Oh and it is NOT a race. Just a trail ride so be prepared for slow people and families.
  5. Highbeam

    Rimrock GP

    That was him, we saw him being dragged up the dirt lot and through the campground, didn't look like it was going to start. Then all of the sudden you see the yellow 292 ripping out to the line. Are there any photo links yet? Lots of picture takers out there.
  6. Highbeam

    Rimrock GP

    So is everyone in agreement about the 2 hours from Enumclaw on those backroads? Then use mapquest to determine travel time to Enumclaw. I just put on two new tires for this event. Should be some major WFO, mud slinging, sideways around corners type riding. Just like every year.
  7. Highbeam

    Rimrock GP

    Understood funny guy. From Seattle, there are several routes you may take to Rimrock lake. One of which is to stay on I-5 as long as possible and cut onto 12 near chehalis. Another is to cut over from I5 onto 167 and then SR410 near Puyallup and then go through the woods which cuts travel time nearly in half. It is a much more scenic drive though so it requires more effort.
  8. Highbeam

    Rimrock GP

    I'm expecting two hours from Bonney-lake running through the mountains. If you stay on I-5 then it takes way longer.
  9. Highbeam

    Timekeeper Enduro 2008

    I rode the night race only and worked a check during the day. This is not my first night enduro but was the first one that was actually set up to make the riders work for it. It was not slow, easy, mellow, or any of that. There were plenty of challenges that would have made it a good event even during the daylight. I got lost three times with two of them being pretty big mileages. The firs ttime was a road crossing with no indication of which way to turn. There was an arrow but it could only be seen in the daylight or if you managed to guess right. The other time was in the big washout. I was picking my way through the creek for a long ways and even found indicators of previous lost souls such as wet rocks by the crossings. Eventually I shut the bike off and listened for other riders and sure enough there were other lost souls that came up to join me in the confusion. The last time I got lost was at the top of the radar hill climb. I totally blew past the hard turn down the back and instead shot up to the antennaes. No arrows but lots of turns so I went back and looked for signs of life. That hillclimb sure smelled like antifreeze. I had no real helmet light, only the stock XR headlight! and a small lamp for reading instruments. Honestly, the race was mostly a harescramble due to my slowness but it was a great event and a nice challenge in the dark. Donk.
  10. Highbeam


    On 6/15 We made 10 miles up the 676 from Kaner flats before hitting much snow in the rockfields above the lilly pond. The lower elevations were really nice.
  11. Highbeam

    Speeding ticket camera's

    One reason to go ride off-road. You can go just as fast as you want to and only have to worry about crashing.
  12. Highbeam

    Fathers Day Poker Run CANCELED

    Odds are that you'll have lots of father's days to ride that don't get trashed by the 5YO's Bday. The Nachese area is mighty nice. At least this year they cancelled it before everyone and their kid made the journey to the trailhead and was then sent home.
  13. Highbeam

    Xt250 Vs Klx250

    A DAILY round trip of 76 miles on backroads!! You had better like the seat and clutch.
  14. Highbeam

    Victor Falls in Summner??

    I just live up the road in Bonney Lake. I do not park a truck there as it became too risky with windows being broken out, theft, vandals, etc. This is the area that dual sports were made for, you'd need to ride to the area and explore. There will always be parts of the victor falls area that will not be built on since trails go clear down to the river but the area is quickly becoming more risk than its worth. It's not in Sumner. It is in Pierce County with the closest cities being Bonney Lake and Orting.
  15. Highbeam

    shelton enduro

    I stayed late to wait for the postings which was actually done around 4:30 but then they kept making revisions and my place kept falling so I went home. A call to the right person could get you the answer immediately. Best enduro in years.