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  1. SquigRidin

    Best 125cc SSR under 1000$?

    What would be the best 14/12" 125cc in your opinion? I guess That's the real question. I really would like the 140 tx, but I just can't swing 1400$. I want something to rip around the yard on before summer ends.... =)
  2. SquigRidin

    Best 125cc SSR under 1000$?

    I cannot decide what 125cc SSR to buy. I kinda like the E-2 version, but I am unsure about seat height and compatability for my size. 5'11 165lbs These websites have me confused on what the bike specs and looks really are... http://www.motobuys.com/ssr-e2.html vs http://ssrpitbikesusa.com/SSR-SR-125-E2.html and I dont even see this E-2 model on http://tboltusa.com/store/pit-bikes-ssr-pit-bikes-c-46_59.html I need to stay under 1000 bucks, hate the look of the A-style rear frame on the A-1 125. Any suggestions, for the best bang for my buck? Appreciate the input.