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  1. Thanks I will check it out
  2. Ok does anyone want to buy it? Or how can I post in the classifieds from iPhone? I also have a 94 xr100r good parts bike to go with it. So you would get a great running 97 xr100r that has no leaks no smoke. And a 94 parts bike complete minus the rims and brake cables and levers.
  3. I've never done much with bikes I have always rode four wheelers and that's 2 different worlds
  4. Thanks everyone but the what sucks is I just bought this bike.
  5. No I'm grown man just never delt with bikes much always rode four wheelers and now my son got a bike and I just fount this one. I didn't want nothing to strong we will just be riding trails. And for what I want it has plenty of power I would just like it a bit taller being I'm 6'
  6. How can I modify my susension on my XR100R to raise it up higher? This may not be the right thread to post in but I,m new here and still tring to find my way around the site. Any help or ideas on doing this would be great. I was thinking maybe using the forks and swingarm off a XR200?
  7. So I have this 97 XR100R and was wanting to raise it up some. Any ideas on how to do this the best way? Maybe XR200R forks and swingarm?