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  1. Jamespahlow

    2005 CRF 250X

    Hey guys i went and talked to my mechanic and he said check the timing so i did and it was two teeth reatared
  2. Jamespahlow

    2005 CRF 250X

    OK here is the problem I don't have a dcomp lever it is in my head on my cam
  3. Jamespahlow

    2005 CRF 250X

    Hey guys, i have been having problems with my bike so recently like 3 rides ago my cam decompression er broke i fixed that no problem, I pulled my head to make sure everything was good and it was piston looked good cylinder looked good. But now i went and rode tonight and it ran fine did a few laps at a local track and not hard due to a crash last night i was on the way home and stopped to talk to my buddy i started my bike and went to go and made this bogging sound and so I stopped and pulled in the clutch and gassed it it has like a bog or it is cutting out and the cutting out is acting like the rev limiter it bogs or cuts out just like my rev limiter any ideas what is wrong? Thanks -James