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  1. genair1

    FCR carbs

    I also own xr600r with the dual carbs. Carbs don't return to idle, you have to force it back to idle. Took them apart can't find out what is wrong. So I going to fcr carb with 650 head, bored out 3mm, wesco piston 11:1. Still need someone to point out where to go to find out what fcr-mx carb # mean. Like what size, if it an mx, maybe what it came off, so I can get the right rebuilding kit and parts. I have two I think 39 & 41 most of the time they ask for model, year and size.
  2. genair1

    FCR carbs

    does anybody know about the fcr 40mm carbs
  3. genair1

    FCR carbs

    I Bought an fcr carb off crf 450 r, and looking to buy another one. How do you tell what size they really are. Some rebuild kit skip over the 40mm carb and some adds only say what bike it came off of. Been on all types of web sites and there is nothing to say what the carbs are. There's no ID ing them, what to look for or # on them.
  4. Going to swap a head off 1998 xr600r onto my 1985 xr600r. Would like to know if cam and cam chain will need changing. All ready know about carb alinement problems. Mounting a FCR 40mm carb. The dual carbs have a problem with sticking after getting warm up. Just bought it 3 mouths ago and he had the same problem that why he rebuilt them.
  5. genair1

    FCR questions

    Trying to find out the difference between FCR carb to the FCR mx carb. I bought a 40mm FCR off a 2002 CRF 450 ( # on carb 00aapj29). Does anyone know about the flo-commander and is it worth the money. I also need a xr650 intake boot can get one new 70.00.
  6. genair1

    Complete Guide To Installing FCR MX on a XR600

    Can't find xr 650 intake boot someone know of any (new 70.00). Then the fcr40 mm carb what is the mx stand for, is there a difference. Anyone know about the Flo-Cammander and if its worth buying.
  7. Need to know what xr600r engines will interchange my 1985 xr600r. Or what cylinders, heads and crank, fit on 85 xr600r want to go to a single carb. ( I know there is a carb alinement problem ) It needs to be rebuilt, cylinder head and crank and where to get best parts. Carbs sticks at a high idle when warm up and leak but if you rev engine it goes down. Anyone know where to get hp rating for all xr600r.
  8. genair1

    1985 xr600r rebuild

    Have 85 xr600r I just bought needs to be rebuilt crank, piston, head, it has major blow by at crank case vent. Would like to know if I can use different yr cylinder and head, would like to go to single carb. The carbs I have know stick at a high Idle when the engine get warm up. have to rev engine to get the idle to come down. The old owner said that he just rebuilt the carbs, don't if they have a problem or not. I just bought (6 months ago) 2012 xr650l Really love it, but don't like it in the dirt except on stuff like fireroads and hills. This is why I bought xr600r its much better in the dirt. On the xr650l I took off smog, put on fmf full pipe, rejetted carb, now it runs 10x better. So if I could get some info on xr600r really could use the help. Also what other yrs xr600r will fit in this frame. A buddys friend has a newly rebuilt 91 600 for good price. Its in another state so see if it will fit.
  9. genair1

    xr600r rebuild

    Updated with more info
  10. genair1

    xr600r rebuild

    Like to know what is interchangable will a 91 600r engine fit or a different cyclinder that has one carb. My 600r needs to be rebuilt. Should have given more info. I bought an 1985 xr600r needs to be rebuilt cylinder piston and head. You can hear piston slap . My questions are what year cylinder interchange with my year and would like to go to a single carb that means changing head and airbox problem. Have a problem with cards sticking at a high idel when the throttle is released a couple reves and its at normal rpms again. Always Had 2 strokes so I don't know about xr600r any info will help. I bought 2012 xr650l like the set up of engine took smog off, jetted carb, fmf complete pipe runs great but handles bad in the dirt. Thats why I got 600 it great in the woods. Will a 91 xr600r engine fit in my 85 frame.Can get one that a friend friend just rebuilt cheap, but have to go out of state to get it. So I can just compare to mine.