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  1. C'mon Guys, There must be someone at ThumperTalk that has some engine building experience! I need to confirm the position of the timing sprocket on the crankshaft. See previous entry with my rough sketch and this attached photo which shows I'm at the wrong end of the build and need to get cracking! Need help...PLEASE!!!!
  2. Jas D

    Where does your XR Take you? (pics)

    Hopefully I can join you on this thread soon. I gotta little bit of work to do yet as you can see! But the man cave is not a bad destination, she normally texts me when it's time to come in for dinner!
  3. Jas D

    2003 XR80R Jetting

    I had to change my main jet in my Husky and I was able to pick up a couple of sizes from a Kawasaki dealer. Keihin carbs are pretty common and most bike shops stock various jets - they were about $10 bucks ea. They had a box of assorted sizes. Take yours in to compare to save confusion. Hope ya get it sorted
  4. Gday guys, Does anyone here know how to position the timing sprocket on the crankshaft as it is pressed on and not located by a keyway or marking? The Service Manual is open to interpretation "align the centre of the sprocket teeth with the centre of the woodruff key groove" and my local bike shop is not 100% on this model. I got the bike shop to remove/replace bearings and timing sprocket. I am pretty sure it was positioned as per left sketch when I gave it to them and they gave it back as per position of the right sketch. Problem is I don't want to have to assemble the whole thing to find out that it is not lining up then have to pull it all down again. Your help is appreciated. Cheers Jas