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  1. Quads? You mean rut destroyers, and berm wreckers
  2. I do Dunlop heavy tube at 17-19 psi It's a little stiff but ive only had 1 front flat in a 1 1/2 years
  3. It's all b.s. to get a few more $$
  4. If you're used to clutch, use clutch!
  5. Rocky mountain atv has some pretty good ones for fairly cheap
  6. Ya but you gotta imagine that watts pays a little for classes and vids
  7. Need a low pressure tire gauge
  8. If the pressure is low enough it won't read at all
  9. It's almost over!!
  10. Lectron
  11. Our record is 6 450's on a flatbed ford haha!
  12. Thanks for the advice!
  13. And here's pics (on 80's and 250's) ( I'm in red oneal and red scullcandy )
  14. My last 3 years have been a leap! I got a crf80 when I was in 4th grade. I rode a few times with my dad and a few times on my own but none of my friends rode so I wasn't too interested in it for awhile. At the beginning of 7th grade I started hanging out with an old friend of mine and when we got to talking he told me that his dad had just gotten him a used crf80! I hadn't rode in 3 years and I was stoked!! I never had a real set of gear except a helmet and goggles. My friend (Brandon) gave me a set of oneal gear to wear for awhile. We rode all of last summer pretty much everyday. We didn't really care that we were way too big for our bikes, we were having too much fun! My dad saw that I was really getting into it and bought me a set of answer racing gear. We started looking at bikes and I started saving money! I ended up buying a used 2007 crf250r. I was into it instantly! I rode everyday after school and entire weekends. My friend got a yz250f and we started riding all the time!!!! Our last ride was almost 2 months ago when I broke both arms. I'm in my final week of casts and I'm hoping to get on my bike again before then end of summer. Since I'm out for most of summer, we're getting tire studs and we'll have a great winter! So that's my last 3 years of riding! Oh and for the caption: gotta rely on this KTM's back end, never know when the front will fall off!
  15. My grandpa and YouTube!