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    KTM Headshake

    The rear is abit to soft for jumps witch is what i do nearly everyday but the rear end sits alot higher than the front.. the preload on the rear is winded down quite a bit we are going to get all the sag stuff sorted with the mechanic this weekend comming but as i said we cant afford anything else at the moment
  2. Ktmrider14

    KTM Headshake

    So this is my first topic im only 15 years old so go easy So i got a Ktm 200exc 2004 about 5 months ago with about 93 hours on it (from new) and now it has 136hrs.. motor has never been opened..But i have a problem with headshake ALOT.. ive tried a few things like steering head bearing and droped the forks in the clamps but we cant afford to get the suspension set up for my weight or get a steering damper.It wasnt bad i could take it and save alot of crashes on the rough high speed shit but oneday i let my 12 yearold brother have a quick ride and got headshake at bout 70kph up a hill. fence on one side and 7m drop off other and he hit the ground head first and his helmet came off (lucky it took the first hit other wise he wouldnt be here today) and i was watching as my bike was doing cartwheels around the paddock but yea smashed it up abit and it was lying there all night (it happend just on dark)... we were at the hospital for a long time and when i got back i put my bike it the shed for about 2 weeks before i could even touch it again.(i couldnt live if i didnt have my lil bro. so got it fixed up and headshake again got home turned the comp damping near all the way out so it sat low in the rear helped a bit but now it sucks dick in ruts and it just wants to ride over the rut lol but yea anyone else had any experience with it and got rid of most of it please share!