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  1. CraigRidesRed

    Post pics of your CR's

    1996 cr125
  2. CraigRidesRed

    Dealership/Shop Probs

    So one day we were out riding and my friends front wheel bearings just fell apart. So what do we do an hour before the closes dealership closes on a Saturday? Haul ass there. He runs in with his gear on, except for helmet because he was in a rush. So we go back fix the problem and continued ridding. We'll later in the day we get a text from a friend and it's a picture on a guys Instagram that works at the dealership of my friend in his gear and the caption on it was "this kid is the reason motocross riders get a bad rep" we of course thought that was a bit rude but brushed it off. What would you do if someone called you out for something like that? Plus half the parts guys there are dicks. And is honda east of Toledo and every single time I go to buy an own part for my honda I have to wait a week for the part to come AND they never even call me to tell Me that my parts in!
  3. CraigRidesRed


    Hey guys. I've been riding a cr125 for about a year now. My friend let me take out his 2012 crf250 and I fell in love. Immediately after riding it I started saving money because I wanted one so bad. Now that I've been scoping out bikes on craigslist and what not I've found nothing but sketchy bikes or what I find sketchy. I'm pretty picky because I don't want to spend over $3000 on a bike for it to blow up on me. So I've decided on going in on getting a 2014 crf 250. What are some tips on 4 strokes and new bikes? I could really use some pointers! And is it worth it to spend the $7000 on a bike that I know isn't going to blow up on me first ride?
  4. CraigRidesRed

    Smartcarb on a brand new YZ 250

    I've never heard of a smart carb. Brief description anyone?
  5. CraigRidesRed

    Build 95/96 or 00-up CR250

    I would go newer. I have a 96 cr125 and it's hard to find stuff for it sometimes. Like plastic kits, graphic kits and alot of the newer items companies are making now don't even fit. It kinda sucks and I got mine as a p.o.s so it needs some work
  6. CraigRidesRed

    15w40 too heavy ? Yz125

    I would just use the oil from a shop because 40 is pretty heavy. Maybe 30 might be a little better.
  7. CraigRidesRed

    know when to rebuild top end 2 stroke

    If you can kick it alot easier and if you feel a loss in power or starting to bog or anything weird you're probly due for a top end. Run a compression tester on it maybe? If you can do that test it first give it like 5 good kicks and get a reading if its close to 100 pounds it's low. And if it is that low pour some premixed fuel down the too of the head in where your plug screws in, not alot but good enough to soak the piston a little then out your tester back on and see if your reading doubles. If so the. It's a bad ring. Let me know what your figure out!
  8. CraigRidesRed

    '98 250K5 Resto

    Completely bad ass.
  9. CraigRidesRed

    Another Plasti Dip Rims experiment!

    If this stuff peels off so easy I wanna do this to my 96 cr because the rims look like crap as it is. So I think ill give it a try!
  10. CraigRidesRed

    Help choose a theme for my bike

    I like the all black first one
  11. CraigRidesRed

    Nasty oil.....?

    Yeah your magneto assembly is like a whole different compartment on your motor. The grey is normal. Wet clutch like these guys said. And the muck and water and such is just from riding in the mud. Washing it etc. check where your wires go into it at and see if your seal is a bit messed up. If so just rbt it to Keep anymore water out!
  12. CraigRidesRed

    04 Cam chain tension-need someone to double-check

    I just wouldn't know what to do with all these chains. Lmao me and my friends have taught ourselves how to rebuild a whole motor on a 2t not knowing much at all. On 4ts noooo way haha but good luck to this man with his tension chain issue. Hope you'll be shredding soon!
  13. CraigRidesRed

    New bike?

    It depends on how hard you ride trails. In my opinion I'd just take a 250 if I rode mostly trails. A 450 is alot of bike in little places for error. Haha
  14. CraigRidesRed

    04 Cam chain tension-need someone to double-check

    Ah 4 stokes look confusing lol
  15. CraigRidesRed

    Bad thing....?

    Yeah probly real rich. Down jet her.