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  1. 1- My kickstart was locked up and wouldn't move 2-it rolls free in neutral but drags in gear with clutch handle pulled 3- I pulled the clutch plates out and the kickstart turned the engine again 4- with no clutch plates the bike rolls in gear or in neutral 5- I cleaned and replaced plates and its back to the way it was not working so is it the plates or the basket mabey?
  2. NHillyer

    Keihin Carb Prob..

    theres a nipple on the bottom of the carb and its draining fuel, don't know what its supoz to goto
  3. NHillyer

    Keihin Carb Prob..

    Anyone got a fuel line routeing diagram for a 2001 yz250f keihin carb?
  4. NHillyer

    YZ250f oil Q..

    ok all is well now, even being a novice mechanic the clutch and oil was simple (aka reading the bottle), thanks for fast replys guys o/
  5. NHillyer

    YZ250f oil Q..

    OK Guys another question also, Basicaly im in middle of bringing an old 2001 YZ250f back to good shape and haven't rode in years let alone work on this stuff. Oil Aside, I was also adjusting my new clutch cable and I got a bad drag in gear after I start moving, I can pull the clutch and it keeps going. Cable seems fine, so I went into the clutch plates and it all looks clean but its very dry, no oil..isn't that wrong? isn't the plates supoz to be wet?
  6. NHillyer

    YZ250f oil Q..

    Thanks for the reply, The bottle I got sitting here is Mobil 1 10w-40 and it says meets or exceeds API SN SM SL. no mention of SG im just needing to figure out if theres really a need for moto oil since im not an oil expert. the bottle was expensive too
  7. NHillyer

    YZ250f oil Q..

    Been trying to research the dif between moto oil and auto oil, seems auto oils come with an added friction element that moto oil don't. Will me goin out and buying like say, Mobil 1 full synthetic 10w-40 do me harm or good in my yz250f?
  8. NHillyer

    yz 250f exhaust bolt

    The bolt connecting the muffler to the chassis, whats the bolt size?
  9. 2001 YZ 250f...I was putting on new grips and twisted to hard and heard a pop and now the throttle has a lot of slop in it, roll it half way before it opens the carb. its got the 2 cable setup, what replacement tube is best? or what can I do?