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  1. Manchester1992

    Ossa Explorer review

    Pics please?
  2. Manchester1992

    cagiva tamanaco 125

    I have found most service parts online aswell as rims and electrical parts but the bike is preaty clean for the year (92). As for the motor its the same as the mito engine of that year but the mito had a 7 speed box back then I beleve, and this has a 6. I've bin told these motors have about 30bhp full power and it feels a lot quicker than dts and kms's I've rode.
  3. Manchester1992

    what bike to buy?

    Thanks for the reply so far and I think I would rather go down the two stroke route as I have worked on them befour, as for what's in my price range most 90's to 01 125's are within reach. I am a honda guy and have seen a few 2000 cr125's within my budget but I hear the 1st gen alu frames weren't that great would I even notice as I won't be riding an mx also what are the motors like are they hard hitters at the top and guttless at the bottom end ? I have only rode one briefly about 7 years ago and can't remember.
  4. Manchester1992

    what bike to buy?

    Hi guys bin scaning this forum for years now and now I'm in the possition to buy a bike decided to join. Anyways I live in the u.k I know a lot of your guys are from the states but I hope that doesn't matter in helping me what bike I need. I weigh 9 stone and am about 5'10 I've ridden bikes in the past for example: pit bikes, 00 cr125, dt125, ttr 125. Never road on track or hit a real trail just basicly riding around on waste land with little jumps etc. Now I will have about £1000 to spend and will be mainly riding for fun on trails and country side as I now live in Scotland I've been thinking about a big wheel 85 I do understand that these two stroke motors are in a high state of tune and are not built for this purpose but I'm sure it would be a lot of fun.
  5. Manchester1992

    cagiva tamanaco 125

    Hi guys I'm new to the forum but been looking on here for years and thought its time to join. Anyway my dad bought this bike a year ago and just wanted to share it with you guys I believe there quite rare and have the mito engine just wondering do any of you guys no anything about them? I no this is probably not meant for the exotic section so sorry if I've posted in the wrong section. Here is a link to a website with pics of my dads exact bike kinda funny as we came across this after searching on google then realised from the reg that its his exact bike. http://www.motorbikespecs.net/index.dyn?flag=2&model_id=5837559&make=Cagiva