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  1. Zeek_78

    Should I buy 2002 XR650L for $3,500

    Just my opinion and I can't really speak for U.S. prices but I wouldn't pay 3500 for a 650L. Even with that low mileage. They are a dime a dozen here in Canada. If it were a 650r Yes. Again not sure what would be fair in u.s. Because we pay significantly more in Canada. That being said I wouldn't pay more than 3000$ if even that much Canadian.
  2. Zeek_78

    Brake light

    Nope No dual sport kit just the headlight and tail light. I just assumed it was a brake light otherwise what's really the use. Although that makes sense now if it's just simply a running light then it's working the way it's supposed to.
  3. Zeek_78

    Brake light

    2003 Xr 650R rear tail light is always on but when I hit rear brake pedal doesn't get any brighter. Admittedly I haven't checked if there's a burnt out bulb. But if that isn't it what else could it be. Bad ground, loose connection?
  4. Zeek_78

    Top speed of a 2001 Xr650r?

    Probably possible I clocked 92 mph on gps on a short stretch. I also weigh like 240 and didn't have it pinned for all that long.
  5. Zeek_78

    choke issue

    Does the Xr's only billet choke plate fit the Xr 650r. On the website it says it's only for the xr 400/600. Anyone with a 650r used it and does it have to be modified to fit?
  6. Zeek_78

    choke issue

    Opened up the carb and sure enough it does have the flapper. Didn't remove it yet though and the choke operation does appear to work properly. But full choke or off there's no difference in idle speed which seems weird to me.
  7. Zeek_78

    choke issue

    Ok good to know, it's a good excuse to open the carb remove that flapper and then check the plate at the same time.
  8. Zeek_78

    choke issue

    That I'm not 100% sure about I haven't physically looked at the choke plate yet. I was just going by other threads on the forum. I assumed the 650r had the flapper like the Xr 600 but I could be wrong. If it doesn't then I have no worries. Anybody chime in that knows for sure with a 650r?
  9. Zeek_78

    choke issue

    Yes first when I start it having the choke on half full or off makes no difference. When it starts if I was to flip it to full choke which should bring idle higher it doesn't effect idle Speed at all. That's Why I believe Choke plate isn't working the way it should. When I Uncorked it a few years ago I didn't really pay attention to the choke at all when I had the carb off. Was to busy trying not to screw up the jetting and needle position. Was busy working on the street bike yesterday next task is quality time with the XR.
  10. Zeek_78

    choke issue

    Finally figured out my old username and password lol. Yes you're right I think the choke plate is either removed or not connected properly. My next step is to check the carb so I know for sure. I'll let you know what I find out.
  11. Zeek_78

    Odometer issues

    Yes cable doesn't turn with the wheel so must be in the wheel assembly. Will have to take the tire off and check it out.
  12. Zeek_78

    Odometer issues

    Sorry should've mentioned that, its stock trip meter for 2003 XR650R. No speedometer.
  13. Zeek_78

    Odometer issues

    Odometer hasn't worked since I bought the bike and I finally realize I would like to know how far I can ride on a tank before I get stranded somewhere. I have it off the bike and want to open it up and see if anything is broken. When I pull the pin on the side I can move and reset the reading. But wont count while I'm riding. Anyone have any ideas? Would it be on the odometer or somewhere on the tripmeter assembly on the front wheel. How do you open odometer assembly without breaking it.
  14. Zeek_78

    Brake Caliper: Need Torque Specs

    If you have the clymer manual its table 3 brake torque specs chapter 14 page 299. front caliper bracket fixed shaft 23N.m or 17 ft.-lb mounting bolt 29N.m or 21 ft.-lb pad pin bolt 18N.m or 13 ft.-lb pad pin plug 3N.m or 27 in.-lb rear caliper bracket fixed shaft 13N.m or 115 in.-lb rear caliper body fixed shaft 27N.m or 20 ft.-lb pad pin bolt 18N.m or 13 ft.-lb pad pin plug 3N.m or 27 in.-lb
  15. Zeek_78

    Valve Adjusting Covers Torques

    12 N.M or 106 in-lb