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    YZ450F 2015 Front Wheel Spacer

    Thats what I thought at first too, that I dropped it and it rolled away but it's not there. And this is the first time I've removed the front wheel, but like you said I think I would have noticed if that damn spacer wasn't there while riding. That little a**hole has got to be there somewhere. Well atleast I know it's supposed to be one there, atleast I can order a new one.... this is so stupid =D
  2. Hi, I bought a new YZ450F 2015 earlier this year and now that winter has hit us here in Sweden I was in the garage changing to winter tyres for some snow fun. When I removed the wheel I noticed that I had no spacers on the front wheel. On the left side of the wheel (looking from the front of the bike) the axle is sort of acting as a spacer, but on the breakdisc side there wasn't any spacer and I could actually see the balls in the bearing. When I try to tighten the front axle again the disc is pressing on the breakpads and the front wheel locks up. Did they assemble my bike incorrectly when I bought it or what? I can't for the life of me find my manual so I can't confirm that there's supposed to be a spacer there but I can't see any other solution. Anyway, that's why im asking you guys.
  3. Flottbomb

    Tall rider issues

    Thanks for all the replies, got something to think about for the next season for sure.
  4. So, I've recently bought a new YZ450F 2015 and so far im really happy with it, especially since im coming from a 250 kxf. The new bikes rides great and im especially loving the kyb suspension. However, because im a tall guy (193cm/ 6'33 ft) im having some issues with the foot peg height. When sitting on the bike my legs is almost 90 degrees which makes standing and sitting quite tiresome in the long run. I've already put a 28mm (1.1 inches) handle bar riser which made a BIG difference but I'd still like to know whether or not there is some after market solution for lowering the foot pegs a bit. I've been reading a bit about the Fastway foot pegs but i'd like to know if someone has used them and if they truly make any difference =)
  5. Flottbomb

    KX250F 2013 Rear Suspension Height

    Yes I am new and no I am not trolling. Thanks alot for the information, much appreciated.
  6. Flottbomb

    KX250F 2013 Rear Suspension Height

    High, Im a new dirt bike rider and I have a question about the rear suspension on my kx250f. I noticed that it compresses quite a bit when I sit on it and I was just wondering, is there any guidelines on how high the rear suspension should be when you sit on the bike? Or is this mostly up to rider preference? Currently the spring is at stock settings
  7. Flottbomb

    Tire keeps going into the rim

    Yea, in hindsight this should have been the obvious thing to start with. Guess I just took for granted that the damn thing worked properly =D. An experienced rider could've just felt that it was too low airpressure, I just thought that 1 bar felt that soft, never really had any vehicles that had that low pressure in the tires. Still, thanks for all the help guys/girls, much love
  8. Flottbomb

    Tire keeps going into the rim

    Went out and bought a digital air pressure reader and it turns out that it was my gauge that was faulty. It showed about 0.5 bar/7 psi wrong So I guess the problem is solved now. Hope the rim didn't take any damage, anyway thanks for all the help.
  9. Flottbomb

    Tire keeps going into the rim

    Im beginning to think that aswell. Gonna buy another gauge tomorrow
  10. Flottbomb

    Tire keeps going into the rim

    Well if this converter is correct I went to about 58psi to get the tire seated correctly, in Sweden we usually meassure in Bar so that about 4 bar. And it looked exactly as those pics. After that i let the air back out and filled it to 1 bar (14-15psi) then I tried to push on the side of the tire and I could just push it off the bead. And to Stein4, im using the original tires that the bike was delivered with so yes they are the right size.
  11. Flottbomb

    Tire keeps going into the rim

    So I had a go at the tire today. I took it off and checked if anything seemed wrong and then put it back on the rim and filled the tire with 15psi. However if I then pressed down on the side of the tire I could easily push the tire off the bead and the tire seemed very soft. Is it supposed to be that easy to push off? Or is there something wrong with my pressure gauge?
  12. Flottbomb

    Tire keeps going into the rim

    im gonna try this and see if this works. But I thought that the tire paste was supposed to dry, thats why I bought it. Anyway, thanks for all the help,
  13. Flottbomb

    Tire keeps going into the rim

    Im pretty sure there's no holes in the tube. Checked it yesterday. As for the lube I went out and bought a tire lube
  14. Hello, i've recently become a dirt bike rider and I absolutely love it. However I have a small issue, I have noticed that the tire keeps sliding into the rim both at the front and back wheel. First time that happened I just loaded the tire with alot of pressure and it popped back to its normal position and then let the air back out. However this keeps happening again and again, to me the only logical issue would be that I am running with too low pressure in the tires (aprox 1 bar or I guess thats about 14-15psi) but according to the manual thats enough. The bike is a kx250f 2013 and with the original dunlop tires. However I have changed the inner tubes to a thicker high performance tube since I accidentaly broke the front one when changing back from winter tires.