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  1. But be sure it's solid core not rosin or acid core because in warmer weather it will ooze out and corrode the spokes and nipples.damhik
  2. It is a T30H. I have a set of security bits I bought 20 years ago can't remember where though,maybe HF, Think I gave $5 for the set and been very handy. The T30H is the second bit from the left bottom/front row.
  3. The difference between Mikuni jets and Dyno jets is the their numbering of there sizes.
  4. Forrest at Wheeling Cycle Supply is great to deal with.
  5. Your recollection is wrong, the oem bolt is Steel.
  6. I'm trying to figure out how anyone can strip or ruin the threads of a Steel bolt that threads into a Aluminum part.
  7. Riding off road/gravel/grass with a DRZ SM with sportbike asphalt tires is foolish at best, better learn to ride verses blame old tires.
  8. Forget the cams, search Craigslist for a high performance powerband.
  9. That's a connection for a battery tender/charger.
  10. I brazed the head of a deprimed 44 magnum case onto a soldering iron and laid out a 1" grid pattern on the pan side around the area I sit on the foam and plunged the hot case into the foam a little over 3/4" deep ( didn't want it to go all the way thru) then pulled the cores out.
  11. I used my old pan, bought a HF pneumatic staple gun for $22, fairly easy to install after watching their video. If I were to get another I'd order the softer foam, After a few rides it wasn't breaking in like thought would so I took the cover off and cored the foam and been pretty happy with it. I now ride as long as I want with out being in pain. The stock seat is about 6-1/2 and Seat Concepts measures 9-3/4 wide. I put one on a buddies XR 650R this summer and now he isn't standing up every 5-10 miles digging his undies out of his butt.
  12. Best seat for the money .!/~/search/keywords=DRZ400E&offset=0&sort=relevance
  13. LOL............Dream on.