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    KTM 250SXF 2008 Idling Issues

    Hello Guys, Just to let you know I sorted the bike problems out. It starts and idles fine now I removed the carb and cleaned it up with brake cleaner everywhere even though it didn't look that bad, blew air though my jets which were a 175 main and 40 pilot/idle jet. I put on a new hot start cable because the old one was broken up near the lever which wasn't causing the idling issues. What seemed to fix this problem was the air-screw. When I checked the air-screw it was only one turn out from being fully seated (It also has this setting in the manual as the default). I have read on here that 2 and a half turns out from fully in is the best place to start for the idle circuit so I tried this and was able to adjust the idle so much better now with the thumb wheel. Bike is running great now!!! Just gotta get out on it now to test it out.
  2. erickelsall

    KTM 250SXF 2008 Idling Issues

    I am just looking at the parts for the carb and it does not list a "pilot" I think this might be the idle jet. Does this look right? 28 54531607040 IDLE JET 38 KEIHIN £6.60 BUY 28 54531607038 IDLE JET 40 KEIHIN £6.60 BUY 28 54531607042 IDLE JET 42 KEIHIN £6.60 BUY On the following website - http://www.rocketcentre.co.uk/ktm-parts/8101h9-carburetor/c087703112 I would buy a JD kit but they are hard to get hold of in the UK and are very expensive.
  3. erickelsall

    KTM 250SXF 2008 Idling Issues

    Can you send me a link to the correct pilot i need please.
  4. Hello All, I was hoping someone might be able to help out. I have recently bought a 2008 KTM250 SXF off a friend for a good price which he has not used for a year. I put some fresh fuel/oil/filter in the bike and took it out for a run and it rides great! The only problem is the bike wont idle correctly. I have tried the idle adjuster on the side of the carb which does the lift the revs up and down but it wont sit properly. Too low and it just dies, too high and it just seems like the bike is always over-revving when starting or coming to a stop after a ride. I have checked the basics such as a pinched throttle cable and that all seems good. I plan on taking the carb off the bike later this week and giving it a good clean. But is there something specific I should be looking at to address this issue. Any help would be great as carbs are not my specialty!! Thanks guys
  5. erickelsall

    KTM 300 XC 2012

    Awesome Machine!!
  6. erickelsall

    KTM 300 XC (2012)


    Awesome Machine!!
  7. Monk - You my friend are a Genius!!!! I had checked everything else on the bike other than that tip over sensor. Infact it took me a while to find the thing hidden under the CDI box. Give it a tap and the bike bike runs sweet as a nut now!! Ordered a new tip over sensor today. Where do I send the $20
  8. Hello Guys, Was hoping someone could possible help me out here. I bought a 2011 250 XCF last night for my son but am having an issue with getting the bike to run (got the bike cheap because of this fault). The bike will fire up no problem and run ok for around 7-10 seconds then shut down. It does this every time, starts then dies, starts then dies. (No FI warning light) This is my first FI bike so I am trying to figure this out. I have put in new fuel, checked the small inline filter at the injector and the fuel pump. All seem ok. Does anyone have any Ideas? The guy who I got it from said everything was ok until he replaced the throttle cable which he broke in a fall. Looks like a dealer visit may be in order.