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  1. I wish I could answer that but I've never found a single crf250x for sale in my area
  2. I think thats what I want, just have to convince the old man to trade for it,
  3. Thats good to hear because there is a lot of cheap ones and i found a guy with one that may be interested in my bike
  4. How about the yz 250's I understand they are MX bikes but how well do they do in the woods? whats the bottom end like?
  5. I feel a 300 2t is too much bike for me
  6. yeah thats what i always heard but I thought maybe a woods 2 stroke was detuned and didn't make as much power budget is whatever I could trade my 250x for
  7. I like to think I'm pretty good I'm 16 and been riding since I was 8
  8. I don't know if this has been asked before but i can't find anything on it. So I ride a CRF250X right now and I'm 5' 8" 13 lbs and I can handle the bike perfectly fine. I am thinking of getting an enduro/woods 2 stroke but i don't know what I want. I think i can handle a 200 and are the 250 woods 2 strokes closer the 250 4 strokes? The big question is I'm unsure what all I can handle and need some opinions.
  9. How can I increase my corner speed? I tend to coast into the corner and come out weak, especially if it is rutted
  10. I want to do them to but i was wondering how the shrouds would fit the number plates. The bolts might fit up but idk about the two plastics.
  11. I think it looks so much better and what about the updated shrouds, did you do those?
  12. I couldn't wear them and the wrist brace!
  13. How difficult was it to get the R front plate and fender to fit
  14. This was my first ever time at a track and I am going to race here this spring. My question is will you guys give me some tips on my technique to improve. This was my first time but its fine be harsh tell me whatever i need to know to be faster around the track. Thanks in advance for the help.
  15. Yeah that is a good point it could be more than I see but then it could be like I said, just be a matter of adjustment you never know