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  1. k6dko

    Tools you guys carry

    Ok I'm not criticizing but this always kills me when one of my buddies is carrying this. Yes you can start a fire with this but why don't you just buy a disposable lighter? If I am in trouble I want instant fire and don't want to mess with striking a flint and steel. Sorry, I just could not let it go!
  2. This is getting away from the OP's question but I don’t use my HAM enough. I originally got my license to use in my Jeep while in the outback. There have been a few times it has been a life saver for calling medical help for injured people. If you want reliable communications you cannot beat Amateur radio. I’m sure Rugged Radios has a setup for motorcycles that can be used with you HT. It is not cheap.
  3. I do have a ham license but I have not set up my handheld for the bike yet. If I did not have my HT I would use one of these. http://www.ruggedradios.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=381_639&products_id=353 73 K6DKO
  4. k6dko

    Resitance and a fuse?

    5 AMP and yes I do have a meter, but I have since cleaned the corrosion. So the Corrosion can bridge the gap between positive and negative??
  5. I have been having a problem blowing a fuse for my radiator fan. I took the wiring harness out and looked for a short but could not find one. The only thing I could find was on of the plugs had some corrosion. Would this cause the fuse to blow??
  6. k6dko

    Loctite Thread "Sealer"?

    I am looking at Loctite 545 and 542. The price diffrence is $10 for 545 and $40 for 542. There is not much info about 542 on the Loctite website except that it is for hydraulic fittings. The as for the 545 it give a better description. I think I will go with the 545. Thanks!!
  7. . This is not a motorcycle question but I am hoping someone with the experiance can give me an answer. I am replacing the seals in a hydraulic switch. It calls for Loctite Thread "Sealer"? Is this the same as Thread Locker? I cannot find thread sealant anywhere on the Loctite website
  8. I have to stand be hide Trail Tech here. They have been very helpful with my problem. They are sending me a new reg/rec. That being said is there another company that makes a stator kit that will fit my bike, that I dont have to send my stator in to be rewound??
  9. Crud!! I guess stranger things have happened than a new part being bad!! I will call Trail Tech today.
  10. I installed a Trail Tech Stator kit SR8313 on my 08 450 excr and went out for my first ride. After about an hour I hit the starter switch and nothing. The fuse was blown. I replace the fuse and about a min later it was blown again. I thioght may be it had something to do with the fan running a lot so I disoconected it and the problem seemed to go away. I made it home and reconected the fan and now I am not having the problem with the bike sitting in the garage. Any ideas??
  11. k6dko

    lost key :(

    I was kind of concerned about that but I left it off the charger for 2 days and the bike started right up!
  12. k6dko

    lost key :(

    Update: I ordered the keyless plug. It does not fit my 08 as advertised. The plug is diffrent. Oh well for $6 I dont even think I will return it.
  13. k6dko

    lost key :(

    What I ended up doing was cuting the plug off the ignition switch and using a but connector to connect the green and orange wire. Works great!
  14. k6dko

    lost key :(

    When I purchased my 08 EXC-R the guy only had one key. Yes, I lost it this week. I am seeing the there is a plug that you can buy that you unplug the ingnition switch and plug this thing in and you no longer need the key. Has any one else used this?? A new igntion switch with 2 keys is about $60 and this plug is $6.
  15. k6dko

    Geigerrig Hydration Engine

    I love this! I could never keep my old Hydro blader clean. I had to keep it in the freezer so things would not grow in it(yuk)! with this you open it and turn it insde out and either wash by hand or put it in the dish washing machine. The opening is wide enough that you can fill it with ice. At 3 liters it will last all day!