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    So whats good near Baltimore??

    There is also Tasker's Gap in Edinburg. About an hour and a half from Fairfax. Some parts of it are pretty tame, but it is rocky. On the otherside of the state road is a 4x4/atv/dirtbike road called Peter's Mill or Peter's Creek (something like that) that is fairly wide open, with some challenges for a beginner, but nothing serious. This please is completely legal, but can get busy. Not sure if they have implemented any user fees (they were considering a parking fee, etc.) but last time I went it was free. Jerry

    Acerbis headlight wiring

    When I installed my headlight, I soldered new leads to the acerbis sockets and then plugged them into my stock wiring. I was wondering if this is how others did it. I would have used female connectors rather than solder to the sockets, but could not find the really narrow ones that match the acerbis connectors. Jerry

    Acerbis Fit and Finish question

    Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. Jerry

    Acerbis Fit and Finish question

    I just put the black plastic kit on my S. Looks sweet, but was wondering if others had fitment issues with the radiator gaurds and the side number plates? The rad gaurds had to be flexed a little to bolt on, almost like they were molded too flat. I had the same experience with the number plate that cover the battery. Just curious. I also went with the Acerbis DOT DHH headlight and it looks great. I removed the white background from it. Not sure how others have wired them, but I soldered leads to the terminals and then put male spade connectors on so I could plug into the stock wiring harness. I also wired the running light (4w) to be on with the highbeam for a little more light (I don't think it does much though. Thanks for the info. Next thing it to either replace the tank or paint it black! Jerry

    Is graphics on S tank a sticker or paint?

    Thanks guys. I almost bought a used yellow steel tank from a guy for 35 bucks...with shipping it would be about 50. I was going to use it for my black tank paint project, but I decided it wasn't worth having a tank laying around. I doubt I will ever return it back to blue anyway and it's not like my stock S tank is in mint condition (it's close but not perfect) Looks like I've got a lot of stripping and sanding ahead of me.....once it warms up a little. Thanks, Jerry

    Is graphics on S tank a sticker or paint?

    Burned, Thanks for the reply. Looks like I'll chemically strip it then. By chance is that sticker able to be bought if I ever wanted to paint it back to stock? Thanks again, Jerry
  7. I'm planning to strip my tank and paint it black and was wondering if the "dualsport" logo and stripe was paint or a decal that Suzuki clear coated over. I need to know so I can decide if I'm going to chemically strip the tank or just sand it down. Thanks, Jerry

    OK to push start without battery?

    Hey Burned, if he put a 4700 uF capacitor in place of the battery would that help the charging system out. Like what Nate did when he converted his S to a K, or is it still hard on it. Jerry

    How long did it take to get a kick start kit?

    I ordered through Bartlesville Cycle Sports in Oklahoma. That had a great price that even with shipping was about 40-50 bucks cheaper than my local dealerships. Thanks for the info. Jerry
  10. Just wondering how long people have had to wait once ordered? The place I ordered from said I might see it in 2 weeks but probably longer. Just curious.
  11. 01DRZRIDER

    Right Crankcase cover gasket question

    Sweet. Thanks guys. Jerry
  12. I ordered my kick start kit yesterday and just have one question. When you install the new gasket did you guys use any gasket shellac or adhesive on it, or just put it on dry? My experience with gaskets is that some need a little "extra something" to seal and was wondering if this was the case with these. I'd rather put it on dry so that future repairs are easier, but I don't want leaks either! Thanks, Jerry
  13. 01DRZRIDER

    Thinking about selling DRZ..need advice!

    Thanks everyone. Between talking with you all and talking to the local dealer today, I think I'm going to stick to 4 strokes. I've ruled out the KLX300 for a variety of reasons and have decided to stick with the DRZ. I've looked through some old posts and did some PMing with NatetheGreat, and I've decided to add a kick start to the bike, so I don't get stuck in the woods again, and if it starts fairly easily with the kicker, I think I'm going to remove the battery and starter like Nate did. Between that and switching to a lighter headlight and some other items I think I can shave another 10-12 pounds from the bike, yet still be "fairly" street legal if need be. Thanks again guys, you have been very helpful. It really helps to have a forum like this! Jerry
  14. 01DRZRIDER

    Thinking about selling DRZ..need advice!

    NYKX250, A kx is a little too much for me....I grew up with thumpers. If I were to get a 2-stroke it would have to be a KDX200 or 220...something a little flatter in the powerband, not a motocrosser. Thanks for the offer though. MotoinMoab, Mostly I do trails, tracks are a new interest to me. I do wish my S was a little more E, but getting an offroad only bike plated as a dualsport is always "iffy" The more I think about it, the more I think I'll just keep the S. For 90% of what I do, it's fine. Although I have a bunch of sales paperwork on the KLX300, KDX200, etc. in my truck right now. I guess my biggest hangup is that the tag on the S goes a long way (fireroads, etc.) Maybe I should just suck up the fact that it weighs more, and just enjoy it! Thanks guys for the insight and advice, I do appreciate it. Jerry
  15. 01DRZRIDER

    Happy KLX300 owner

    Bill, Thanks for the answers! I appreciate it. Jerry